Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices In Video Games

Never forget those heroic polygons. Join and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices in Videogames. Spe…
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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices In Video Games

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  2. A few great ones that should have been honorable mentions at least include:
    Gregorio (Skies of Arcadia Legends): Fought to ensure his “nephew” Enrique
    and the rest of the party would escape. He knew stood no chance against
    Galcian (the main enemy of the game, even if he wasn’t the final boss).
    Lived up to his nickname Ironwall.
    Silvite Elders (Skies of Arcadia Legends): Having seen the error of their
    ways (had sought to eradicate most of humanity to give it a new chance to
    not live “evilly,” having already done this once before). When it seemed
    Ramirez would cause the Rains of Destruction, they sacrificed themselves,
    and their home to stop the rains, and destroy the shield preventing Vyse
    and the others from getting to Ramirez.
    Xelha (Baten Kaitos): Her death was agonizingly, especially with her
    feelings for Kalas finally being returned. She was brought back though.
    Guilo (Baten Kaitos origins): Yes a machine can be sentient. Guillo may
    have started out as a weapon of war, but later became so much more. Having
    his best friend Sagi trapped (and about to die), Guillo and Milly knew only
    one of them would be able to make it out with Sagi. Whoever saved him,
    wouldn’t be able to escape themselves. Milly having already set everything
    up and prepared to sacrifice herself for the man she loved, was pushed
    aside by Guillo. He truly wanted Milly to live on with Sagi. Guillo and
    Milly were rivals in so many ways. However, Milly’s anguished cries as she
    tried to stop Guillo really make it hit home

  3. #1 was lame. The baby metroid appears like twice in the game. I love super
    Metroid, I really do. But how does something that barely appears in the
    game besides being a Deus ex Machina top actual well written characters
    like Booker and Mordin?

  4. I think those were good but The Boss definately should have been number 1
    followed by wander from shadow of the colossus.

  5. One of my favorite sacrifice is Cole McGrath in InFamous 2 (Good Karma).
    Using the metasphere with the 4 triggers (L1-L2-R1-R2) was a good way to
    feel the moment, the decision…and the consequences….

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