Top 5 Console Quality Android Games

5 of the best games on android that resemble real console games! Here is my app (give a review please if you liked it):…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Console Quality Android Games

  1. I have a question. Im running FPse on my Nexus 10. Im currently playing
    Valkyrie Profile and it runs well….until battle time. The game freezes up
    during attack animations, especially Special Attack/summons animations,
    then resumes once the animation is over. What can be causing this?
    Processor can’t handle it? Thank you much.

  2. I feel the reason gamers don’t take Android and iOS seriously as a gaming
    platform is because of the focus toward casual games. As most hardcore
    gamers value immersion or PvP over a casual 5 minute romp. Not to mention
    the broken controls of a touch screen for more core games over all. That’s
    why the Nintendo 3DS has such a large install base; actual buttons. 

  3. People should stop calling mobile games “Console quality”, because they
    aren’t, and they never will. If you compare your mobile game quality to
    past consoles, you can even call classic mario “console quality” because it
    was the quality of super nintendo, which was a console back in the 90’s. So
    the term is meaningless. Unless you mean “console quality” matching the
    graphical quality of current gen consoles. no, your mobile device does not
    match ps3 nor xbox, not even nintendo wii quality (beside the fact that
    these are no longer current gen consoles). so it isn’t “console quality”
    and you’d be wrong using the term either way

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