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BUY THE ALBUM + DL LINK: Buy The Album: http://www.melon.com/svc/studio/album_info.jsp?p_albumId=1276855&MAIN=MAIN_NA DL LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?yfkb…

24 thoughts on “Full Audio 「 BEAST / B2ST – Fiction 」FICTION AND FACT ALBUM

  1. I love how this song speaks, such a true meaning in alot of pitiful
    relationships, urgh and I just the singing to it as well. These boys has
    work so hard, and made it so far <3 I'm so proud of b2st, asdfghjkl;
    forever b2uty.

  2. its not racist to disagree with a black person but it is to label all black
    people as liberal because I sure as hell am not

  3. @tongchaolee Haha! Look at yourself in the mirror! Then you’ll notice that
    your uglier than B2ST. (I’m just saying) You might even be uglier than the
    REAL beasts. 🙂

  4. hahas (: I’m a new fan! I’ve watched “Fiction” performances many times on M
    Contdown. lol and I became addicted to it so easily! :)) B2st is my 3rd
    fav. now! (among boy groups) ^^ FIGHTING!

  5. Really? I hoped at least when i heard the audio from the album the “pencil
    scratching sounds” wouldn’t be included… (–__–)

  6. 3 dislikes.. ah well people next time don’t daydream in front of your
    computer, you will end up disliking every video.

  7. @raindropsontheground Yoseob Kikwang Junhyung Doojoon Dongwoon and
    Hyunseung Doojoon sings first then Junhyung raps then after its Kikwang
    with “amureochi anke nege kiseuhago” Then after when it says “ireoke nan
    tto” Thats Hyunseung Yoseob comes after with “neol butjabeulge” and
    Dongwoon….. is somewhere -_- Cant really tell o.o I love them <3 ^-^

  8. everytime I listen to this song, it just make my cry. my ex boyfriend
    listen to this song after we broke up. he posted it on facebook then he
    said “I miss one girl who makes me happy before. I think of her when I
    listen to this song.” I will never forget that he said that :’D

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