Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus – Everything you need to know

Download: – In this review, we take a look at Bitdefender’s Mobile Security and Antivirus App for Android devices. Written Companion: S…

Read the complete review article here – Watch the unboxing video here…

21 thoughts on “Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus – Everything you need to know

  1. Everything you need to know: Don’t use this shit or any other Antivirus on
    Android for that matter. 

  2. Web security-for the default web browser only or does it support Firefox,
    Dolphin, Opera, et cetera…? Was this tested on test viruses? Was this
    compared to other Android Antivirus apps?

    This isn’t a review, this is an advertisement.

  3. This is not free, as what was stated in the video. It has a 14 day trial
    period after which you have to pay for continued use.

  4. Thanks n.n But I like avast! much better. You should at least have reviewed
    the anti theft commands, btw. These are the most useful features on this
    kind of app.

  5. This is only useful for those who Download porn or those going to those
    bogus earn 500$ a day by sitting at home, your phone will remain completely
    safe as long as you use common sense and not visit such obviously dangerous
    and malicious websites. 

  6. There are many antivirus out there. Which one is the best. Avg / avast /
    Norton / many more why did you choose this specific one is the BitDefender
    the best?

  7. Actually if you are rooted its easily exploited by injecting rootkits.
    Rooting your android phone has its risks. Do you know the developer?
    Richard stallman doesn’t even use a phone…

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