Learn Italian – Grammar Basics

Weilà raga! In this video I go over the Italian Present Tense. Episode 2: http://youtu.be/Dylh6H5g7uM Episode 3: http://youtu.be/pyyT4G0hUps Episode 4: http:…
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Hi marzipans, today we decided to do something a little different and we though you might wanted to see it! 😀 WHERE TO FIND ME Tweet me @MarziaPie Instagram…

46 thoughts on “Learn Italian – Grammar Basics

  1. I took my Italian final this week, a couple of your videos helped me aced
    it. As I just kept thinking ‘zaino,zaino, use zaino!’ lolol. Thanks

  2. This is excellent video for a beginner like me. I’m going to Italy in June
    and I need all the help I can get! 

  3. This is by far the clearest and the best explanation of the Italian basic
    grammar I’ve ever seen! Thanks!

  4. Hey! I was wondering if you could show how to pronounce “è” and “e” in
    Italian. I can’t find anyone who could explain as greatly as you do. I am a
    beginner but i know i cannot pronounce the difference or does it matter? il
    tuo aiuto sarebbe apprezzato! :)

  5. Nice video 🙂 But usually in IRE verbs in Present Tense, when they are
    short, like in “Capire”, after removing “ire” but before adding the ending
    of the verbs, you have to add “-isc-“. For example: “I understand” -> “Io
    cap – isc – o” -> “Io capisco”. It’s the same with Tu, Egli, Essi

  6. If you help me to learn english or german, I can help you to learn italian.
    I’m a native speaker! Add me on Skype: my nickname is FrankieEternity

  7. Hello there, I am going to Italy for Easter break and I was trying to
    learn, but I’m struggling; any tips on trying to learn? Any would be

  8. no hate but i can not stand Marzia’s voice.I still love her though for who
    she is <3 they are perf for each other

  9. I’m not trying to be rude but does Marzia’s voice really sound like that?
    :3 But anyway I love them both! 😀 Match made in heaven, they’re so
    adorable together <33 ^3^

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