Rob Kirby: The Economy is Not in Recovery but Financial War

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13 thoughts on “Rob Kirby: The Economy is Not in Recovery but Financial War

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  2. Dude, “It’s Going To Be A Bloodbath”: Newly Private Dell To Fire 15,000
    “Curious why Michael Dell was so eager to take the company he founded
    private? So he could do stuff like this without attracting too much
    attention. According to the Channel Register, the recently LBOed company is
    “starting the expected huge layoff program this week, claiming numbers will
    be north of 15,000.” Of course, with a private sponsor in charge of the
    recently public company, the only thing that matters now is maximizing cash
    flows in an environment of falling PC sales, a commoditisation of the
    server market and a perceived need to better serve enterprises with their
    ever-increasing mobile and cloud-focused IT requirements – things that do
    not bode well for Dell’s EBITDA – and the result is perhaps the largest
    axing round in the company’s history. But at least the shareholders cashed
    out while they could.”ZH ,,,,,,LOL LOL LOL

  3. I absolutely LOVE this guys passion and integrity! Thank you Mr. Kirby and
    thank you Greg for bringing us such fine guests! PS: This one’s going on my
    radical facebook page! lol

  4. Greg, every time you do a new video many people become more well rounded in
    their understanding about what is going on and how the criminal banksters
    have run their debt based fiat / dollar Ponzi scheme . Thanks for all your
    hard work! Please watch your ass, as you are becoming major pain in theirs!
    Stay Safe Brother!

  5. The Keynes economists are owned and run by the English, if so isn’t
    America run by the English and the Americans Anglophiles like Greenspan

  6. This is a right wing source but this is an accurate description of how the
    Banker Criminals converted their trillions in toxic bonds, derivatives and
    swaps into the national debt. This debt is unserviceable.

  7. Just how much more corruption will the American people tolerate?Here,in the
    UK,corruption seems to know no bounds and our police,particularly the
    Metropolitan Police who look after the city of London,are deep in
    Murdochian corruption.Our financial system has rehypothecated Saudi Arabian
    gold out the door to China,good luck getting that back Saudis.French news
    papers and blogs are satirising the American armies movement of nukes under
    the gaze of Sen Graham and friends,also the removal of generals for
    whatever reason those naughty satirist may conjure up from their friends in
    China and Russia.
    Meanwhile here in the UK our intelligence services are infiltrated by
    Russian and Chinese hackers aided by the NSA,who are supposed to be our

  8. Investigate this govrn. and the White House all the way back to
    Clinton,Bush, Obama, Bernancke, Polosie, Rumsfeld, Powell, Chenny, the list
    goes on n on..
    The names spelling is wrong but you know who I am talking about, Besides
    these evil people need to be held accountable, along with all the other
    players in this game of other peoples lives and well being. Everyone knows
    of these Basturds doing this for decades. YES we need a big RESET and it
    has to start with ALL these people or demons in government!! PUBLIC

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