Subliminal Employment The Dream Job

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Ambient space-no binaural beats.Headphones not required.This is a just listen subliminal audio program In HD. Listening Instructions 1-2 Times Per Day. Twelv…
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23 thoughts on “Subliminal Employment The Dream Job

  1. May the grandeur of all life’s blessings be bestowed to you. Yes thanks let
    me know how this works for you and the others.

  2. Hi Suindra Roy. Alpha male is on my list for new recordings. The ladies
    also have a request in something similiar via empowering them. I have four
    videos currently in production before i can start on alpha male. Best
    estimate 3-4 weeks or less.Is there any affirmations, graphics, images, and
    or music you would like me to add to the video?

  3. Wow what an inspiring story. I am listening to it with full faith. In
    addition to listening I am doing all the hard work required for landing a
    job. People just come in and comment things like if just listening to this
    is ok then why even do any work!

  4. You’re welcome It brings me much joy that this video has helped you in
    obtaining the results you are seeking to manifest.

  5. Keeping in mind that you have to look for a job or create one. Reading
    affirmations aloud will never do anything if no action is taken. However
    when action is taken along consistent repetition of auto suggestion
    (affirmations) will work like magic.

  6. Great, I have been looking for the right job since June 2006 and not found
    it yet. Hope this video will help as i have an big potential and fluent in
    4 languages and in management skills. I am currently living in France.

  7. Thanks I am humbled in regards to your comment. It is all forth coming I
    assure you via the law of attraction. In the midst of connecting the dots
    putting the pieces together like in a puzzle to what I have set forth as a
    vision that seeks and knows nothing but fulfillment of the desired outcome.
    It may possibly result of a weekly show here on you tube separate channel
    of course.

  8. It’s wonderful to watch a video that can attract a job. when I first seen
    the title I thought I have to listen to this. it made my day/night. thanks

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