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Credits : NOVA Malaysia.

25 thoughts on “Innovation

  1. I don’t agree to the thought that innovation is just something that is used
    to improve something existing to create wealth. That’s just improvisation.
    To do more justice to the word innovation, I would define innovation as
    creating something (idea/ product) radically different, which generates a
    greater value (monetary/ impact/ satisfaction) than what that “something”
    perceived to have initially created.

    Other thing on the idea, the common pitfalls that people fall in while
    innovating is they take the idea and move forward with that idea. An
    innovator, would on the contrary, try to first talk to the customers/ work
    with them to generate the idea and then come backwards from there to create
    the idea.

    Open to various school of thoughts.

  2. Fun little video. +Lisa Bender asked me about how we get this into
    teaching. I’m not certain I have a great answer for that. I try to stress
    creativity by leaving a lot of the things I assign open ended. However,
    some people struggle with that. If anyone has good suggestions on how to
    teach students to be creative and innovative, I would appreciate it. I
    should note that any approach also has to leave time for teaching them the
    basics so that they have the knowledge to do the second step in this video
    where they bring it into reality.

  3. Innovation as presented by NOVA Malaysia.. This video runs for less than
    two minutes and it is great. Take a look!

  4. Inspiration is what produces ideas.Just like in business. Great ideas and
    innovations can also produce great success.

  5. Hey..I didn’t really make this video. It was made by NOVA Malaysia. I just
    edited the ending using Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it. Though there
    are many video-making softwares available. You can google it. All the best.!

  6. Hi, this video looks great! Could you tell me, what software did NOVA
    Malaysia use to make it? How difficult it is to make such a video with all
    the animations?? Many thanks for answer!!

  7. Many thanks for your this effort. Moreover, i appreciated you to help me,
    how to make video like this “name of software, ….etc”. Thanks

  8. I think you can use the video for normal purposes and just mention NOVA
    Malaysia in the credits..that should suffice..!

  9. a GREAT video! love it! i have a question… can u please tell me whats the
    name of the program u used ta make it? i really liked the idea and i want
    to make my school project in a video like this 🙂 you’ll have credits of
    course 🙂 i will really appreciate it 🙂 Thank you.

  10. Can i use it for education purpose? I’m a student from Malaysia and
    recently had sort of assessment related with green innovation, i think is
    could able to assist me during my presentation. Lovely video!! 🙂

  11. Myslím, že to bylo děláno na Macu (a s nějakou integrovanou aplikací), s
    něčím podobným jsem se setkal. Ale stopro to nevím. LG

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