Comparison between romance languages (Italian vs Spanish vs French)

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Comparison between romance languages (Italian vs Spanish vs French)

For our friend Zocurtis.

23 thoughts on “Comparison between romance languages (Italian vs Spanish vs French)

  1. Good job, your french is almost perfect, and then, I know what do you mean
    when you say french is more similar to Italian than spanish but sometimes,
    it’s the opposit situation.

  2. and in Spanish the way the french and italian people use “attention”
    “attenzione” is in fact “cuidado” We just say “atención” to say pay
    atention to a lesson, pay attention to the work…

  3. You missed Portuguese… More spoken than Italian and than French
    (depending on the source of the survey). But your video is very good!

  4. I don’t know much about French but I know much about Italian and Spanish.
    The Spanish language which is official in Spain and the America is called
    Castelliano and it was language of kingdom of Castellio and Italian
    language is called Florentino is the language that are spoken in Florence
    which became official language in Italy, but if you go either country you
    will get confused as you move from one province to another because there
    are different laguages so if you go there as tourists prepare for more
    languages. Any way the word Zapata which means shoe in Spanish is not
    latin origin is Arabic origin, Spanish and Portugues have many borrowed
    Arabic words also South Italians(Apulian, Sicilian and Calabrian) have many
    borrowed Arabic words.

  5. You are amazing! Inspired me to start learning Spanish and French again!
    Any tips on improving in a language? I learn everything online by myself.

  6. Contrairement aux idées reçues, italien et français présentent de très
    fortes similarités (89%!), sensiblement plus que le duo espagnol-italien
    (82%). J’aimerais revenir sur un point brièvement évoqué durant la vidéo :
    “azur” existe également en français, tout comme “blu” se retrouve dans la
    langue de Dante. Identique donc! Moult termes français vieillis y sont
    encore d’usage: suc, vergogne, baller. De ce fait, seule une bonne maîtrise
    du français permet de comprendre les autres langues romanes

  7. The European languages espicialy spanish have many words origin from arabic
    like ‘ Camisa’ the origin arabic and it pronounce ‘kamice’ which mean a
    t-shirt or a chemise

  8. mai negato che il toscano fosse in uso, so che era stato scelto nelle corti
    del nord italia. ma ti lascio continuare a darti ragione da solo, portando
    avanti anche quelle classificazioni dialettali che entrarono in vigore in
    epoca fascista. fai pure. bye!

  9. Ciao:) Da appassionato di linguistica mi complimento per le tue incredibili
    capacità! L’unica lingua che so parlare “abbastanza” bene è l’inglese anche
    se vorrei impararne altre. The only thing I find a bit off about your
    italian accent (which’s outstanding btw) is your pronunciation of R and
    R’s. Those sound way too forced to my ear, like spanish. Oh and you render
    italian accent as if you were a mobster, jk 🙂 In my opinion Italian is
    overly wordy compared to other Rom.Lang.s don’t you think?

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