The Most Powerful Video on Spirituality and Happiness – Rare Eckhart Tolle Teaching – Must See

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25 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Video on Spirituality and Happiness – Rare Eckhart Tolle Teaching – Must See

  1. Where we are done grappling with ideas, the mystery of life awaits. A New
    Message from God,, is asking not simply for people to learn
    to work with the mind and to attain a greater awareness, it is calling to
    the life purpose in each of us beyond all social and religious
    conditioning. If your spiritual understanding is not connecting you to
    your reason for being here and to the people with whom your gifts can be
    learned of and contributed, then where is it taking you? Why allow your
    spiritual inclination to lead you astray when it is meant to be focused on
    what is simple, necessary and profound in answer to the real needs of the

  2. Psychology really needs to upgrade its methods. Maybe it’s time to look
    back in the buddhist teachings and the perception of reality not through
    the mind, but through awareness.

  3. LMAO…I couldn’t even make it past the first five minutes. I kept
    imagining a lion jumping in and ripping his ass to shreds. THEN, let him
    tell me about not getting drawn into emotions and reactions.

  4. The most terrifying thing in the world is that… God is good, you may
    think to yourself that is not terrifying at all, well the thing is we are
    not good, we are evil sinners,our hearts are filled with darkness, we have
    broken the 10 commandments which is God’s law by lying,stealing
    what does a good, Holy and Just God do with evil sinners like us? well He
    must punish us, just as a judge must punish a criminal, the judge must give
    him justice, so the just punishment is death then hell, but 2,000 years ago
    God the Son came to earth as a man in Jesus Christ to die on the cross in
    our place and on the third day He rose from the dead, it is like this we
    broke God’s law Jesus paid our fine,so repent of your sin and believe in
    Jesus today for your eternal salvation.

  5. OMG, this poor Ecki has been completely misunderstood! He doesn’t say stop
    thinking and be an idiot. He says the biggest problems are that we think
    the same thoughts too many times and therefor lose the center and the inner

  6. He disagrees with superficial identities, but he also disagrees with MORAL
    identities. His version of what is permanent is a bland, Godless “goodness”
    which includes and does not differentiate evil (although it provides
    plentiful conditions of suffering). He deconstructs the common mind, and
    this is accurate, but he has not deconstructed the Spiritual Conscience,
    which is OVER his “underlying I”. He doesn’t acknowledge time out of
    present, but he must surely understand dimensions above other? Qualia
    which increase in intensity (pure consciousness as opposed to the dim
    awareness of the “little me”, different energy fields he speaks of, etc).
    Surely there is a scale between what comes and goes and what doesn’t.

    But it would be helpful and important to know what is the MORAL CHARACTER
    of that permanent being, and how it might react to the world of the
    impermanent, and in some ways better and rather than others.

  7. This video is fantastic and is the reason I don’t enjoy trying to
    assimilate the same info from books. This may be just me, but books contain
    too much detatched, factual information that sometimes gets lost in the
    reading process. Sometimes books are designed to fit a pattern with
    chapters, page amount, etc, that doesn’t flow like an interview can. I’ve
    read Eckhart’s books before and never absorbed so much information, as when
    he’s physically expressing it. Maybe it’s because when listening to his
    words and viewing his body language, i’m using all my senses, including my
    powers of observation to absorb what he’s trying to express. 

  8. I still get inspiration from reading Eckhart Tolle’s books, having
    discovered his knowledge in 2008. But it’s not the same as before when I
    thought he was an extraterrestrial or a camouflaged sorcerer. Something
    about him has become almost stagnated. Am I wrong in detecting an
    undercurrent of irritation in his voice? I feel the pangs of
    disappointment. Sigh. On my own again.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this candid & personal experience w/Eckhart
    .. i do believe i am much appreciated my friend.

  10. … OK. that means you entered the real shit, I am deeply sorry. You may
    say “No”, but you need a serious professional help. Kindhearted people on
    the quest are very easy targets. All the best for you, I am off.

  11. When you relax to much strange things will begin to happen , it is not
    natural , being at ease its ok , but people are made in such a way that
    they need to think care and worry how they gonna survive , and to be
    physicaly active… it is how nature made us to be. When we break this
    balance with being to much relaxed we become sick.

  12. I dont care how they have learend their peace but i dont like their ideas..
    and i will never teach anyone anything because im aware of what it can do
    to the individual… saints ? For me they are mad people nothing more… i
    dont care about osho realy , but as much as you loove mooji i hate him 1000
    times more.. i cant describe it with words

  13. In spirituality it is called “the dark night of the soul” but actually it
    is depression , and not everyone can live with this.. I wasnt able to speak
    anymore , ive compleetly lost the snese of self or “ego” at one point…
    Everything was so alive around me , but also i felt enormous amount of pain
    and pleasure at the same time.. It was beautifull and terryfing
    experience.. I think i was in some kind of trance.. But i was compleetly

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