Learn Russian – Learn How to Introduce Yourself in Russian

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http://www.RussianPod101.com/video Learn to introduce yourself in Russian with our Russian in Three Minutes series! In Russia, manners are important, and thi…
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23 thoughts on “Learn Russian – Learn How to Introduce Yourself in Russian

  1. Russian kind of like Bulgarian. They both use the same alphabet. So if
    speak Bulgarian this should be a piece of American on a plate!!! (You know,
    Russians hate Americans)

  2. I am German and Im really looking forward to learn Russian. You have a very
    nice voice,so your English is very understandable. I love your videos,keep
    on doing so!

  3. Can anybody help.. I cant find any sites with the way to spell it in
    English like: Zdravstuite. They have all the russian letters like :ыфльлы

  4. does it matter what the woman’s face looks like? It’s learning the
    language that’s the point. May Bog squash these stupid comments

  5. Okay, could somebody PLEASE tell me if there is any Russian language
    learning software that is a) FREE and b) actually usable? I just need nice
    online exercises, possibly with pictures, as they help a lot to improve
    vocabulary. I tried lots of sites, and they are either useless or try to
    rip you off, but usually both. 

  6. +Acammtt Why? It says in the description that she’s a native Russian. So,
    being an “ethnic russian” isn’t going to change her language skills

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