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The sounds of cooking
You anticipate a kitchen to be noisy. The tap-tap-tap of a knife mincing mounds of fresh herbs. The rhythmic beat of a wooden spoon mixing a batter. Bacon sizzling. Beyond such obvious noises, there are several subtle sounds of cooking which will help you …
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Good Day Cafe: Caribbean cooking wth Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau
Heat the oil in saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for approximately five minutes until softened. Add the scallion, garlic, Scotch bonnet, thyme and bell pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, before pepper is soft. Add the tomatoes, so when …

Instagram brings you world's shortest cooking show
Bart van Olphen thinks he is able to conquer your concern with cooking fish if you'll just give him 15 seconds. The seafood chef from Amsterdam uses Instagram's relatively new video feature for Fish Tales, that is most likely the world's fastest cooking show in this …

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Cepeda: Cooking up a controversy
Corporate America has its invest our economy and culture – as does its blast of irresistible products – but that place isn’t to be arbiters of ideology or intellectual tastemakers. A great number of people instinctively understand why. They don't buy …