One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity

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20 thoughts on “One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity

  1. Great Short video from Early to Rise explaining the one simple time
    management rule for increased productivity.
    One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity

  2. Nah… best thing to do I say is get on line and look up cat videos. You
    get a lot done. Like, you get to see a lot of cats, on video.

  3. This week we are learning about time management I am doing ok according to
    this 24 hour chart we had to create, but to me i need to do a little better
    because i’m feeling worn out. This video offered a good tip.

  4. Do not do anything else until you’ve moved ahead a major project or goal. I
    guess mine is to write a blog post every morning. Thanks for the tip. 

  5. Yeah thatt’s genius (NOT!) So you have the satisfaction of completing
    something random and meaningless since you just created it to give you
    something to do? haha!! Not too clever are you! Try doing something that
    actually matters and already exists so you can have the satisfaction of
    completing that instead…

  6. …He’s reading off of cue cards…. “Do not pass go, do not collect two
    hundred dollars” is a good line, though. Props to the writers for using
    that one ^_^

  7. Actually, if you knew me in person you would have seen how effective this
    technique really is. Imagine you have a to-do list with 2 big projects. If
    you add 2 little projects, the list grows and it seems more daunting.
    However, if you complete those little projects, the list shrinks and you
    feel much more confident to tackle the bigger projects.

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