International Business – Lecture 02

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Arielle Sklavos discusses international business at James Madison University College of Business.
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9 thoughts on “International Business – Lecture 02

  1. Sir descriptions for lectures are much appreciated as it show that which
    topic is covered in which lecture. and plz guide me towards lectures,
    regarding Central banks, their functions, their roles, monetary policy and
    fiscal policy. and thank u so so much for such a nice video lectures.
    thanks :)

  2. Thank you for posting these videos. I was worrying that these videos
    wouldn’t be valuable to me because there is a plethora of junk information
    on the internet. Then you started talking about global institutions and how
    world banks and the IMF basically destroy economies and I said to myself
    this guy gets it. This guy is intelligent and is worth a lot of human
    capitol ;). I’m looking forward to watching the rest of your series on
    International Business. I am an American interested in FDI and
    international business in general. I have a masters degree from an American
    university and I’m tired of playing the education game. There’s only one
    way to make money in this world and there is no course that will teach you
    how to do it. The only way to make money is to get out there and apply what
    you’ve learned. I invested a ridiculous amount of money to become a
    software engineer only to see my job as you have said being outsourced for
    5 times cheaper. The figures are so bad these days software programmers
    from the Philippines can now do what I did for about 20-30 times cheaper.
    There are plenty of programming jobs that are still secure and will be
    secure for a very long time, but with the salaries we (Americans) make, why
    not take advantage of the foreign markets? Afterall, people like me are
    rich in comparison to people in many countries and the rich will just keep
    getting richer if they know how to properly invest right? 🙂 I was going
    about FDI the hard way going straight to international foreign trade
    commission websites and reading the fine print (which I may do when I
    figure out which country I want to invest in), but that was painful. Again,
    thank you for the education. It makes learning about foreign investment
    much quicker.

  3. Dear professor, did you have some course on Training Capacity Building? I
    am looking it due to link to my course assignment. thanks lot proffessor

  4. I don’t have YET Global Corporate Strategy – it is Chapter 12, so my plan
    is to cover this topic in about 4-5 weeks

  5. Look. Nice video! But hands down the simplest strategy to make money from

  6. International Business sounds like an incredible experience. I wish you the
    best of luck in your pursuits. I’m inspired Arielle!

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