Energy, let’s save it!

0x250'; google_ad_type = 'text_image'; google_ad_channel ='AdSense Default'; google_color_border = 'B0C9EB'; google_color_link = '164675'; google_color_bg = 'FFFFFF'; google_color_text = '333333'; google_color_url = '2666F5'; google_ui_features = 'rc:0'; //--> A family is carelessly and unknowingly wasting energy from the moment they wake up. …
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14 thoughts on “Energy, let’s save it!

  1. Fun video showcasing a European family that goes from being #energy hogs
    to energy superheroes! Wonder if there’s a similar story somewhere in

    #energyefficiency #energyefficienthomes #savemoney #savingenergy 

  2. I’ve been making a website to encourage teens to save energy. I now know
    what I’ll put on the home page! Great work!

  3. One of my grade 7 friends actually had to watch this and story of stuff
    show it to their parents and the have them write a summary of both of the
    videos, and i think its all bull shi’ (humans causing global warming in the
    first place i mean) and many people are concerned about it and even more
    after watching inconvenient truth( which they watched as well) which is a
    complete exageration ( like a car salesman selling ice to escimos ) and
    people please don’t hate me for what i say.

  4. @CastleFilms2010 you do know that for decades the united states has had the
    most strict laws regarding green, energy efficiency, etc. In the whole

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