Prisoners of the Lost Universe ✪FREE FULL MOVIE✪ Action Science Fiction

Description: A scientist has developed a matter transmitter that he is about to demonstrate for two people when an earthquake hits, disrupting the test and p…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

19 thoughts on “Prisoners of the Lost Universe ✪FREE FULL MOVIE✪ Action Science Fiction

  1. This obviously lands in class B status but it could have been a little
    better, more family friendly if they would have just cleaned up the
    language. It was otherwise enjoyable.

  2. @MarkAnthony, no it isn;t a British movie, as they are in LA. The car is a
    Japanese import Nissan 260Z , and the Japanese also drive RHD. If you
    notice, she is driving in the gutter. As for the truck, your guess is as
    good as mine.

  3. How come the stearing wheel is on the right hand side in the car and the
    truck at the beginning of the movie? Oh, wait a minute maybe it is a
    British film? I’ll go back and see now.

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