Pulp Fiction Hamburger Scene (The Whole Thing)

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The best scene in the world
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Hamburger Scene (The Whole Thing)

  1. I would rather have Samuel Jackson narrate my life, rather then Morgan
    Freeman because during my day, there will be more than one instance where
    the word Mothafucka comes up.

  2. “Say What again, say what again, i dare, i double dare Motherfucker! Say
    what one more god damn time.”

    one of the best lines from this scene

  3. “What does Marseilles Wallace look like?”
    “What?” (Flips table)
    “What country you from?”
    “What, What”
    “What ain’t no country I ever heard of.” “They speak English in “What?”
    “English Motherfucker do you speak it?”
    “Then you know what I’m saying?”
    “Describe what Marseilles Wallace looks like.”
    “What I…”
    “Say ‘What’ again; SAY WHAT AGAIN” ‘I dare you, I double-dare you
    motherfucker say what one more goddamn time”
    One of the best scenes I’ve ever saw in this movie. I couldn’t stop myself
    from laughing.

  4. They could’ve just walked in, stated their bussiness, take that suitcase,
    kill everyone who needed to be killed and walk away. But that wouldn’t be
    fucking epic as this turned out to be! :)

  5. Not the whole thing unless you get the part where they come up to the door,
    then hang back a few seconds to continue the talk about the foot massage…
    that makes the scene… it seems so real if you dont just rush into things
    and have real, honest dialogue.

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