Yale Undergraduate Students Give Advice on the Admissions Process to US Universities

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In this video, 3 Yale undergraduate students give advice and tips on the admissions process to US universities: essay writing, sat and act tests, recommendations.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “Yale Undergraduate Students Give Advice on the Admissions Process to US Universities

  1. who cares what they look like or what the ‘seem’ to be like. They took
    their time to help people like you who clicked on this video, which I’m
    assuming is because you’re applying to yale, or college at least. They
    must’ve done something right to get accepted so I don’t think that their
    looks really matter 

  2. The girl on the right may be receiving a lot of negative hatred towards
    her, but her voice has honesty behind it. You could tell she had valid
    information to share, while the guy was a bit arrogant in his expressions
    and ability to sound like a hypocrite. The girl on the left seemed shy,
    maybe tiered, either way not socially prepared for the interview. I felt
    ‘Yale’ could have done better in finding some students to represent their

  3. Students’ opinions are really helpful. I heard that you must have a really
    astounding essay. I passed by “IVY Research” (google it!), and got some
    tidbits on writing good essays.

  4. Well he might not be a boss in the corporate world, but with a PHD in
    history from Yale he could definitely be a Chairman of the History
    department at a University. In that sense, he could be someone’s boss.

  5. She switched from physics to liberal arts?? wow talk about a huge switch!
    but wow you guys are really lucky to be in that University…Good Luck!

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