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Persecution : Christian Genocide by Muslims spreading through the Middle East (Jul 31, 2014)

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Take A Good Look At Christian Education

Take A Good Look At Christian Education

If you have the important responsibility of determining what schooling situation is best for your children, then please take your time and make an informed decision based on as much research as you can handle. There are quite a few options these days, which is all the more a good reason for parents to take seriously the job of providing the best possible education for their children. Public education, Christian education, and homeschooling are just three of many options available to families today.

Many Christian couples will opt to send their children through the Christian education system without giving it much thought. It is a Christian program, after all, so what could be the problem, right? This happens in much the same way that non-Christian parents don’t think twice about sending their children to publich school. And while I am not suggesting that Christian education is a poor choice, I am saying that it is a choice to be considered among other good choices.

There are obvious benefits to choosing Christian education for children. First and foremost, there is no better place for children to be introduced to the foundational beliefs of Christianity that during the school day as they grow up. So if you place a high priority on your children being raised in the faith that you believe in, then you should take a good look at the Christian education options in your area. See if there is more than one Christian school available and find out which program best fits the needs and beliefs of your family. Be warned, however, that sometimes choosing Christian education for your kids means sacrificing a little bit in the actual education that they will learn. This is not always the case, thankfully, but I am learning that quite often Christian education systems put things like math or science on the backburner in the hopes of really focusing in on faith issues and on how to live as Christians in a non-Christian world.

What is the best choice for your family? No one can make that but you. All I can tell you is not to make a choice about Christian education or public education quickly. Take your time, do some research, and talk to parents you trust that have put their kids through Christian education and public education to see what they would suggest. You will have to pick and chose on some things, so just begin to gather ideas and figure out what things you are and are not willing to compromise on.

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Christian Education: An Alternative

Christian Education: An Alternative

All children have to attend school. If the schools in your area are less than ideal it can seem like there are no options for your children. Consider the benefits of Christian education for your children. You might just want to consider this alternative to the public school system in your area. Choosing to enroll your children in Christian education can be a success. Christian schools often provide smaller class sizes so that children get more individual attention. And since getting a solid education is the main reason to go to school, having more individual attention and help is vital to a successful school career.

Along with providing small class sizes, the smaller student population found in most Christian education settings allows children the ability to interact with peers on a more personal level. Often children and students are able to get to know one another better and form lasting friendships in the smaller setting. Knowing that your children are growing up surrounded by other healthy and growing kids should be a relief and a comfort for parents.

Christian education provides children the ability to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that they might not have the opportunity to participate in at larger public schools because of the competition. Students in Christian education have opportunities to become well rounded students that have explored sports, drama and other activities and who have learned what they do and do not enjoy. It is important during the childhood and teenage years that students are exposed to a wide range of activities. Often in public school settings students are only able to pick one sport or one activity to spend time on.

Parents whose children receive a Christian education can usually be sure that their students are being taught from a truthful and solid perspective. While taking into consideration every perspective, Christian education is able to teach students to think critically for themselves and to determine truths about the way life really is and about the best ways to live. What a comfort in our day to know that your children are being taught by people who care deeply about the development of their character, their morals and their hearts.

The teachers and educators of Christian education are perhaps the best benefit of choosing Christian education for your family. People who have chosen to work in Christian education have decided to do so because they believe in it. They believe that the training up of children is necessary and something to be done carefully and with love. They believe that educating children well is their calling and so they pour themselves into teaching with all their hearts. You can be sure that your childrens’ teachers want what is best for them and that they will push your children to do their very best in school. What more can a parent ask for?

So, consider the option of Christian education for your children. Consider the benefits of training your children in a smaller classroom setting with committed teachers and a variety of opportunities to gain friendships and to participate in a wide variety of experiences. See if Christian education just might be right for the needs of your family.

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