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If you are into projects, then you know how difficult it is to always find the right supplies for your craft projects. Whether it is for a small craft business or a home hobby, it can be difficult to organize all the places you need to purchase your craft requirements from. There are many meg a create shops but they sometimes don’t have that special item that makes a project totally unique. If you are having trouble finding products for your craft hobbies and company, you need to look into purchasing a projects directory.

How would you like to possess practically every craft provider in your rolodex? Well that is what these directories perform. They organize and put together information of the best and most distinctive craft suppliers from all over the world. Many shops only have products that are familiar within the United States, how would you like to purchase crafts from Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, Czech Republic or even France where craftsman market difficult to find materials and amazing designs. Just think how distinctive crafts can set your own creations apart from the rest of the competitors.

If you are interested in a create directory, there are a few available. Many are inexpensive and worth the price once you find that one in a mil item for your hobby or even business.

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Image taken from web page 71 of ‘The Traveller’s Directory; or, a wallet companion… from Philadelphia in order to New-York and from phila. to Washington…. Second edition’
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Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

Title : " the particular Traveller’s Directory; or, the pocket companion… from phila. to New-York and through Philadelphia to Washington…. 2nd edition"
Author : MOORE, S. S. — and JONES (T. watts. )
Contributor : JONES, T. W. — Surveyor
Shelfmark : " British Library HMNTS 1304. i. 7. "
Page : 71
Place of Publishing : Philadelphia
Date associated with Publishing : 1804
Issuance : monographic
Identifier : 002540742

Note: The colours, comparison and appearance of these illustrations are usually unlikely to be true to life. They are derived from scanned images that have been enhanced for machine meaning and have been altered from their original.

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Find this item in the uk Library catalogue, ‘Explore’.
Open the page in the British Library’s itemViewer (page: 71)
Download the pdf file for this book

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