In this post I would like to compare traditional long, slow cardio with intensive training for fat reduction. From a fat reduction standpoint, the more calories you burn, the higher. Let’s observe how good long, slow cardio and intensive training are at burning up calories.

Long, slow cardio burns more calories during training, but intensive training burns more calories overall (after and during training), since it enables you to burn calories between workout sessions as your body must get over the intense bout. It’s “hard” on your own body. Winner: intensive training.

Long, slow cardio won’t assist you to gain muscle tissue. However, interval training enables you to gain muscle tissue, because to sprint or bike constantly you should push on the pedal very difficult. This builds muscle (think about a sprinter). Because the more muscle you have, the bigger can be your resting metabolic process, interval training enables you to burn up more calories all day long, each day. Winner: intensive training.

Another advantage of intensive training is that it requires significantly less time (about half an hour per session). Winner: intensive training.

However, intensive training is too much for beginners. If you are a beginner, adhere to slow jogging first for 14 days, and then test out increasing the pace for five minutes and walking for another five minutes. Once that becomes easy, shorten the task interval and increase its speed. Winner: long, slow cardio.

Overall, if you are fit, intensive training is most beneficial. But since it is rather hard on your body, no-one (even elite runners) does it a lot more than twice weekly. So, to reduce fat quickly, your very best bet is really a combination of intensive training (1-2 times weekly) and long, slow cardio (2-3 times weekly). And yes it brings variety to your training, that is good. Winner: both.

Last but not least, in order to maximize fat reduction, It is advisable to do intensive training alone on the times you take action, and that you do some lifting weights and long, slow cardio on another days you train.

This being said, the specifics of intensive training will get tricky. Hopefully I could give out the method I favor later. Athletes and smart trainers use intensive training: additionally you should.

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