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vocabulary Day to feature eight different languages

Language Day to function 8 various languages
For students with expert skill within multiple languages and for those who have never spoken a foreign term in their life, the modern languages plus literatures department at great Valley State University has created an event for students to recognize the particular…
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The Many roots of the English Language
within Borrowed Words: A History associated with Loanwords in English, we examine how words lent from different languages possess influenced English throughout the history. The above feature summarizes some of the main data from the book, focusing on the fourteen sources …
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YouTube Video shows How international Languages audio to Nonspeakers
the Finnish YouTube user might not know how to speak many dialects, but she sure sounds like she can. In a movie uploaded on Monday 19-year-old Sara mimics what various dialects sound like to her. because she moves from vocabulary to language, she makes …
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' Frozen' the composer Robert Lopez on the Perils of Translating ' Let It Go'
" Comedy is different all over the world, " says Robert Lopez, who shares a good Oscar song nomination along with wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez with regard to " Let It Go" through Frozen. So he is thankful that the animated hit' h 41 foreign-language versions are not his problem…
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vocabulary On The Go

Language studying
simply by LeafLanguages

Language On The Go

studying a new language is the pattern nowadays. People who do it have a lot of reasons. And most of the time, their reason is to possess that edge over rivals in the field of business. But even if you are not into business, this still gives you a lot of benefits. Think about it. When you are done persuading yourself, you can now start evaluating on what kind of language suits you best. Here are the things that you might want to consider before choosing a certain vocabulary.


Some people study a certain language because to them, it would be useful in the long run. Others use it for business. What about you? What do you do that makes you need to learn a new language? What kind of people do you generally encounter in your line of business? Would it help improve or even make your life easier? responding to these questions would significantly help you come up with a fewer selection of languages that you could use. avoid even think of studying 2 languages at the same time. To be able to fully understand and speak fluently a certain language, it would be better if you just focus on just one. Then you can proceed to another one later on. Of course , you can choose not to study another one. But if it is still helpful, then you should also consider it.


You need to want it first in order to learn a new language. The determination to learn a new language is the key to everything. It would create studying and everything else that will comes along with it a whole lot simpler. Just maintain that passion all throughout the studying time period. And besides, even if you don’t have to learn one, you will also have fun studying. That drive will take you places. And who knows, you might need that will tongue sooner or later. So by all means, go for it.


You know, you can always waste your free time upon watching TV, listening to the radio or even surfing the net. Of course, you will do all these and research at the same time. This is because, you can watch TV shows that use the language you want to research. Audiobooks are available, too. Last but not the least, many websites offer online guide and lessons. With all the brand new technologies that we have nowadays, getting not enough time is no longer an excuse to not being able to do something or even anything. Multi-tasking is definitely the term that best describes exactly what everyone is doing. But if you don’t think that you could take all the tension, then don’t do it. Just take one baby step at a time. For example, you can study a new word per day and try using it in your daily discussions. On the other hand, if you have all the time in world, going to school that specializes in training a certain language is the way to go.


If you have loads of cash to burn, then you can usually enroll in a good, if not exclusive, language school. There you can try speaking, comprehending, and engaging within conversations with people who talk with the same tongue to your heart’s content. Teachers are also available for consultation. But if you can’t do that because of lack of funds, there are always a lot of available cheaper options. Like the ones mentioned above, you can try listening to audiobooks, which are available in some libraries for a rent or even for free. This is best if you possess chores to do around the house. But if you just sit in your small office cubicle, then investing your break time browsing for sites that offer online lessons is a good idea. If you get fortunate, you might come across one web site that offers it for free.

What are the requirements for English vocabulary teachers?

What are the requirements for british language teachers?

So you think you have what it takes to be one of the many English language teachers close to? You should know that English vocabulary teachers are not all of 1 type – there are variations between English language educators (just like in other jobs. )

Types of English vocabulary teachers

1. EFL: EFL teachers are English vocabulary teachers who teach british as a Foreign Language.
2. ESL – Teachers under this category teach English as a Second Language.
3. ESOL – ESOL teachers train English for Speakers associated with Other Languages

As you may possess observed, these three types of teachers have one thing in typical: they are all concerned with helping individuals trained in other languages (usually their mother tongue) turn out to be educated in English. this particular field of teaching may also be recognized by other acronyms (and terms) namely:

1. TESL – Teaching of English as a Second Language.
2. TEFL – training of English as a Foreign Language.
3. ELT – british language teaching.
4. TESOL – Teaching of british for Speakers of some other Languages.

You can see that the 1st three types of English vocabulary teachers are just called by the other 4 names plus acronyms – but their functionality is the same: to teach the particular English language to people who have a mother tongue different from british.

The field populated by british language teachers has grown within so many ways. For one thing, british language teachers may choose to obtain international accreditation to boost their own credentials – particularly if they are planning to migrate to another country. 1 country that officially needs this, for instance, is sydney which requires potential british language teachers to present the results of their TOEFL exams (yet another acronym to describe british language teachers – this stands for Teaching of british as a Foreign Language. )

At present, there are two umbrella conditions to subdivide the field associated with English language teachers. For those English language teachers concentrating on American English, they rely on the TESOL system. british language teachers who are well versed in British English opt for the ELT system. Countries which usually used to be territories of the all of us (such as the Philippines) usually use American English, whilst countries that may have been under the British in the past (like India) will usually use British british.

An English teacher should be aware of the particular traits of the English vocabulary so that he or she may be much better at teaching it.

1 . The phonemes of vowels
2. The phonemes associated with consonants
3. The framework of syllables
4. Vowels which are not stressed
five. The timing of stress
6. Connected speech.

within grammar, the points to take note of are:

1. Articles.
2 . Tenses
3. Modal verbs
4. Functions of auxiliaries
5. Idiomatic usage

within vocabulary, a teacher should be honed in:

1. term derivation
2. Phrasal verbs
3. Size of lexicon.

a few teachers specialize in either created or spoken English.

By being aware of all this concerning the british language, one may become a more effective teacher.