Child Rearing Parenting Taboo National Geographic Documentary

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17 thoughts on “Child Rearing Parenting Taboo National Geographic Documentary

  1. The narrator makes everything sound so depressing and sad, but the kids are
    always smiling, even when their not looking at the camera. 

  2. That’s a really good point that the anthropologist makes in reference to
    the Indonesian parents taking their children with them into the forests or
    “to work”. She says that in the Western world, you don’t see any children
    on the job sites, in the office buildings, etc. We want our children to
    inherit our good work ethics but yet our society is constantly instituting
    laws and rules that say, “no children allowed”. Insurance costs are too
    high to risk a child being injured where their parent’s work but we want
    our children to understand that we work. This is the first time in my life
    that I’ve ever thought about this and realized that we’re doing it wrong.
    We *should* take our children to work often, they *should* see what it
    takes to make the money we need to survive, they *should* have a first hand
    look at the sweat on their father’s brow or the stress their mother is in
    after she’s handled 5 grumbling customers in a row.

    It might be especially useful in today’s generation because teenagers are
    demanding, disrespectful, entitled little shits. They want that expensive
    cell phone with all the bells and whistles but they don’t give a shit how
    hard their parents have to work to give it to them. Then when they receive
    that nice cell phone which they feel entitled to own, it’s no longer the
    big deal and they think they deserve a sports car. I’m personally disgusted
    by the way some teens and young adults behave towards the parents who work
    so hard to give them everything…….everything they don’t need and
    everything they don’t appreciate. May be if they actually saw what their
    parents go through, they’d either appreciate it more or not want so much,
    at least those with some compassion wouldn’t. The more selfish ones won’t
    care either way as long as their snotty little asses are parked in
    expensive jeans and a nice car. There’s really not too many other things in
    the Western civilization that are more repulsive than a spoiled child.

  3. The Mentowai could open a real proper scared straight program in the jungle
    for little bad ass spoiled American kids.

  4. You know when these Chinese gymnasts reach competing age, on average, they
    are no better than gymnasts from other countries who went into the sport
    later, of their own accord.

  5. Would it be bad of me to suggest that you take a shot or something every
    time the narrator says the word “taboo.” Because it’s way over used here!

  6. yeah i bet now they dont have to support his room and board any more
    cha-ching no mouth to feed and then they groq up as fucked adults

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with the way these children are raised. Maybe by
    Western Standards this is difficult..but it is not wrong. 

  8. If child slavery to make young children become athletic and a missed
    childhood, no thanks you. What is sad is the father wanted him to go and
    bragged about how happy if he becomes a top athlete but is it really his
    job to be proud of a child he barely raised and won’t know. This is just so
    very very sad to watch. they are building robots not human beings,, 

  9. Even if those kids smoke a pack a day they are probably a lot healthier and
    happier than the average over weight, over protected, over medicated
    Western kid who is unfortunately a walking garbage can with the amount of
    trash in our food and environment. I bet the cave kids could build a fire
    at age 6.

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