Napoleon Dynamite Current Events (for seminar)

Napoleon Dynamite Current Events (for seminar)

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10 thoughts on “Napoleon Dynamite Current Events (for seminar)

  1. What if some one has mental disabilities & reading written material is not
    always the easiest for them to understand?

    What if words are. Does that mean they are NOT the elect? God has plans for
    all of us, not every person can seriously read the signs in the sky, that’s
    why God gave us people that can, while others have different tasks.

    This old man is not following one of Jesus’ instructions & that is not to
    put stumbling blocks in peoples paths. What works for one person may not
    work for another.

  2. I have not watched this yet Kyle but I will my dear friend! I pray you are
    doing well! You have been silent for a time so I have wondered if you were
    ok! Zadok said he had something to tell me in private and then he
    disappeared too! I am concerned for him and am still waiting for what he
    has to say! If you run into him let him know that I am waiting to hear from
    him and look forward to it! 

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kyle, for this video! I used to
    watch pastor Murray on satellite programming, but unfortunately, his
    ministry is no longer available here in Canada. Blessings to you & yours.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I missed the first ten minutes when it
    was on, so now I can catch up. God Bless you. :-)

  5. Yes..thank you Kyle..I don’t mean to be too familiar but thats the name of
    the poster. Even though I know that Pastor Murray does not approve of
    posting this on Youtube because of copyright concerns and people taking his
    sermons out of context probably, people like me still appreciate that you
    have made this available to us. I wished hat Shep Chapel had an index of
    topics so that we could watch specific ones like here on Youtube. I hope
    that you can work it out somehow with them so that they would approve of
    you doing this. Regardless, I love the truth in the Word and Shep Chapel
    definitely tells it like it is, I don’t know why people and churches
    especially do not study God’s Word, word by word chapter by chapter. Most
    of them just take one part of a chapter, never reading the whole thing to
    find out what its talking about, and making their own point from there.
    Even to the point of re interpreting something that has already been
    interpreted for us! Traditions of man make void the word of God…why don’t
    people realize that there are decievers out there…most of these
    Christians just think that just because they say they are Christians they
    automatically believe everything that they are shoveling..Thank God for
    Shepherd’s Chapel and for God giving us ears to hear and eyes to see his

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