Special Needs, But No Diagnosis – The Azima Family – Our Special Life — Episode 7

Kingston is a 4-and-a-half year old boy with special needs that have not yet been diagnosed. He presents some symptoms of Angelman Syndrome but has so far te…
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There are good teachers out there that should spend more time marching against bad teachers instead of those that would like to rein in bad teachers. Is the …

44 thoughts on “Special Needs, But No Diagnosis – The Azima Family – Our Special Life — Episode 7

  1. I have an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis, and I first got an Autism Spectrum
    Diagnosis @ age 2 1/2 with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not
    Otherwise Specified).

  2. I would say he has developmental differences he does appear to be
    Intelligent as he is using gestures to communicate maybe you should try
    sign language. 

  3. Did you have him tested for autism lots of people that autism can not talk
    and do things on there own I just saying it I am not trying not get you
    upset or anything I love a lot of people that has special needs I got
    special needs too I been around those people all my life

  4. My son as well does not have a diagnosis.. it is frustrating at times
    because there is nothing we can research to get ideas on what we can work
    with him or other children like him. He is now 5 and early intervention has
    helped alot so glad for them … but still everyday is a challenge as well
    as a triumph. He has a missing piece of a chromosome as well as an extra
    piece of one on top of a chromosome. He is our lil Angel that is always
    Happy and friendly to all .

  5. Is there any way I can contact this lady. I have a 6 year old son who is
    super sweet and appears to be a lot like her son Kingston. My son has an
    angelic face and angelic disposition. He has low muscle tone and he has a
    diagnosis of autism(although we are not sure that is the right diagnosis at
    all) He does not have meltdowns and loves hugs and tickles. I think it
    would be nice to be in contact with someone who can at least somewhat
    understand what you are going through.

  6. This a blessing from god. Charisse him. He is one of gods amazing
    creations. I’m currently on the excitement of going to camp blessing In a
    few months and i am so happy to work with such amazing well created people.

  7. The kid was only disabled, the teacher realised he would receive bad grades
    and be a bit of a burden. The teacher knew it and was well to do what she

  8. Thanks teacher, you provided entertainment and did the right thing, he
    would just be a hindrance to academics. How unfortunate that the teacher
    didn’t further extend her “bullying.”

  9. Whooo, damn if this Cheyenne girl was my little girl, I’d tell the police
    to arrest ME because I’d be scared of what I’d do to these two bitches.

  10. if a psychiatrist abuses an autistic child, the very profession who is
    capable of providing care to these kids, will loose his medical practice
    and license in a private practice. yet, this teacher does not get fired
    for what she has done in a public sector. this is ridiculous. 

  11. When I was little, I always thought “special kids” were geniuses. But
    anyway, after watching this and other videos related to it, it makes me
    want to buy a secret camera necklace :/

  12. THIS is why we have so many problems with bullying. The TEACHERS get away
    with it! Odds are, I wouldn’t be shocked if the students had to deal with
    bulling and harrasment by his peers. And then you have this supposed
    “authority”, someone you’re supposed to look up to and trust to get an
    education, demeaning and putting you down, calling you worthless? That
    excuse of a “teacher” is worse than how GLaDOS acts in Portal 2- Constantly
    making someone who never asked to be in the situation they’re in feel
    worthless, ugly, and selfish because yes, they are flawed. Yes, they do
    lean on people. And yes, they are human. Nobody can help it if they need
    help, and nobody can help it if they aren’t perfect or flawless or
    omnipotent. Being human is all about having flaws, and that’s what makes us
    all beautiful in our own ways. That woman, is worse than a non-feeling,
    antagonistic, ficticious robot who’s sole apparent purpose is to be
    defeated by the heroine.
    Those children didn’t wake up one day and say, “You know what? I’m going to
    become mentally challenged just so I can be a pain to the people I care
    about!” They never asked for this, and it is SICK and DISGUSTING that that
    woman has the GULL to sit there and say they did. To sit there, and call
    another human being worthless, selfish, greedy, ugly, lazy, for needing
    help. For eating more than she should. For not getting enough exercise. For
    being mentally challenged. For sitting there and putting up with the utter
    bull that spews from someone you are supposed to look up too, and be
    inspired by to do your best.
    If it was up to be, that teacher would be ARRESTED for harassment, and
    disturbing the peace, and any other charge I could possibly put on her.
    People like that deserved to be punished for their apathy towards others.
    And as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword, so she might as well
    get charged for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, because yes, words like that
    can bring a person towards an early death. And yes she gets away with it?
    THIS is why we have so many problems with bulling.

  13. 0:45 umm how about EVERYONE?!? But a teacher, let alone any adult, telling
    that to a child, “special” or not?? No, just no. Shame on you.

  14. Chastising a special needs girl for being on welfare??? Look who’s talking,
    it’s the public who pays your teaching salary, you don’t even work and all
    you do is abuse special needs children. That’s the definition of abuse of
    the system. How can it be justified that the taxpayer pays for this woman’s
    salary? Not only does she not do her job, she does the complete opposite.
    But I guess she just gets to attend a free child abuse class and keep
    taking her welfare checks. And we wonder why more and more people are
    taking their children out of public schools who can afford it…

  15. We really should start scanning potential teachers for
    aggressive/narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies.

    The Department of Education lied about there being a “law” that prevents
    them from commenting. This is a common answer in these cases. What they
    don’t talk about is the fact that the Unions prevent them from commenting.
    Not saying Unions shouldn’t exist or anything, just that there needs to be
    some cleanup. 

  16. I have spices needs, all kids with special needs are people with a heart,
    if you continue until you reach 20 you will get arrested And that’s that!

  17. My name is Cheyenne. Close. But on topic: This is despicable. I wouldn’t
    talk this way to non-special needs child. She should be fired immediately.

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