The Power of Concentration – FULL AudioBook by Theron Q. Dumont – Self Help & Inspirational

The Power of Concentration – FULL Audio Book by Theron Q. Dumont – Self Help & Inspirational – This book contains a series of twenty lessons which were desig…
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25 thoughts on “The Power of Concentration – FULL AudioBook by Theron Q. Dumont – Self Help & Inspirational

  1. The Other Side Of The Pond,Amazon Books.The new self help of our
    generation!Change your life,your destiny…Unlike any other book..Your
    greatness is now!!

  2. I find it ironic how such a great book is being critiqued in such petty
    ways in such ways of which the book suggests not to do.

  3. Very annoying and outdated from current theories on how to achieve success.
    It is bothersome how “man” is so often used vs “people” or “person”.

  4. I ran across the book i read it now the book was published in 1918 all most
    a hundred years ago i made sence out of it like it was ritten yesterday now
    im on the tube listining to it cant get a nuff

  5. The internet as a whole has begun to lift all of mankind in a few
    important ways with this tool you can study anything in this world that you
    would like to master. In the last 7 years there is no subject or question
    that I have not been able to attain knowledge of or connections too. the
    internet has driven and made possible for all like minded people to come
    together and share idea’s I think if the powers that be new it was going to
    be such a phenomenon they would have stopped it.

  6. I never said they were made to cure, I said they take on the fears &
    desires of those people who dont feel enough (as they want to be someone
    else) – & make money off of them. I have nothing against the books, I am
    just honest enough to tell the truth no matter how ugly it is. Also I dont
    expect from myself to ‘save’ the world or anyone for that matter because I
    know there is nothing to save humanity from.

  7. It’s not about the scheme or even if what they say is true or not, but
    about the fact that they are making use of one’s ‘illnesses’ instead of
    ‘curing’ them. One doesnt need no thing, circumstance or person to be
    content but this is very hard to conceive at first (god knows why our sharp
    common sense is obscured by the nonsense we acculumate as we grow up).

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