A special night for some special needs kids

A special night for some special needs kids

A group of Upstate special needs kids got the chance to go to prom.
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Estelle Singletary Mom to Nadia, school teacher, and board member of a non profit for her daughters disorder Schizencephaly at http://www.wearerare.org has s…

20 thoughts on “A special night for some special needs kids

  1. This is shocking. I am appalled at how they treat special needs children.
    This shows a larger issue of how the public school system doesn’t care
    about these children, and is just trying to push these kids out of the way
    rather than actually helping them. 

  2. Oh Estelle, I’m so sorry! A Friend just shared this and I was shocked to
    see it was someone I know (Haven’t seen you at Lennox Baker in years
    though). I have personally witnessed teachers do this to kids in the class
    Becca used to be in (putting a screaming crying child inthe corner) I
    yanked Becca out of school and homeschool her now.

  3. I am outraged! I am a Pediatric R.N. This is abuse. Similar circumstances
    occurred to my elderly mother in “Rehab” at Gwinnett Medical Rehab” and you
    better believe when I found her wheelchair in a corner I removed her the
    next day.

  4. It must. This mom is so sweet and I have seen her just in tears where this
    school has backed her into a corner. They even threatened her job. I hope
    this school goes down for how they blew this off

  5. Estelle, all Strength and Power to you and Nadia. You have a world of
    support out here so never feel alone, and always always call on God first.
    I too believe cameras should be in the classrooms, and wouldn’t it just be
    miraculous to have loving caring compassionate educators and care-givers so
    that cameras wouldn’t be necessary? Until that day, I guess we’ll keep
    sending our kids to school with hidden cameras. And when video of evidence
    of abuses isn’t enough??? – – – speechless.

  6. this type of abuse/neglect happens more often than people realize. I’m the
    author of “Mommy, I Wish I Could Tell You What They Did To Me In School
    Today” and have witnessed and reported similar actions by school staff
    members on numerous occasions. I have shared this story on my facebook
    page; awareness will lead to change. I am keeping your daughter in my
    prayers. Rick

  7. what was that LOUD thump or bang or whatever that noise was before Nadia
    started crying? Was she startled by the noise, which caused her to begin
    crying? (my son’s sensory processing disorder causes him to react to
    sounds) Or was that the sound of someone being HIT?

  8. Omg – that man – Tilman (?) – needs to be removed, then dragged thru the
    streets at the end of a rope by a mob of special needs parents. I also
    think the name of that _itch(!) that called her a baby and shoved her in
    the corner, then they let her CHOKE while discussing a wardrobe – those
    names need to be made PUBLIC. They ALL need to be flayed by the public. How
    disgusting and horrible and absolutely shamefully vile can these ‘people’

  9. I can’t believe people would treat a little girl like that. I know teachers
    are human and sometimes they got short tempered, but that’s why they are
    not alone. They should be taking over from each other when one can’t cope.
    It’s just cold callous behaviour shown towards Nadia. Very unprofessional
    and yes I think abusive. It doesn’t have to be physical to be abusive.

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