Dr. Blair Decodes Current Events

Dr. Blair decodes the often confusing and hidden meaning of events happening on the world stage.From Israel, Iran, Quakes, Fires, Sun Spots, Colonies on Mars…

OMG! DAMN! Grace’s cousin from New Jersey, Stephani AKA Spicie, is here giving you a heads up on current events. Who needs Larry King when you have Spicie?! …

29 thoughts on “Dr. Blair Decodes Current Events

  1. It took almost 30 years for the public to take Dr. Blair serious about most
    of the subjects that are realizing themselves today . It is a great
    possibility that it will take another 30 for them to see that he is genuine
    when it comes to the expansion of your personal consciousness. Regardless
    whether or not you can accept or believe most of what he is saying, the act
    of all of us challenging our own mental as well as spiritual limitations
    can only be a good thing

  2. I trust the creator I don’t beleive were going to loose I believe we lost
    enough, and we are beginning to get better. thank you Dr. Blair

  3. oh no you didn’t! you did NOT call E.T. ugly. Okay, he’s ugly but he’s
    adorable. If you don’t like E.T. there is a problem. that’s all I’m saying.
    turn on your heartlight, Spicie. Let it shine wherever you go.

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