Alternative Energy Resources

Alternative Energy Resources

A short documentary on the role of alternative energy in our present times and our future.

Off-grid homesteading alternative energy can come in from many sources. This family has backups on their backups. Their primary power comes from multiple sol…
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29 thoughts on “Alternative Energy Resources

  1. you are correct, i know alot of people who think it is fake. Listen, i’ve
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  2. energy crisis! don’t you guys feel this is caused by western lifestyle?
    western values system aint ideal for human beings. what we can do is just
    changing western lifestyle. living in small apartment. dont care about
    product package and brand, use public transportation as possible. dont
    warship large machinery based on oil. dont buy so many stuffs you cant even
    use it twice a year. get rid of some thing like steam vacuum cleaner…..
    —–I am worrying if you westerners can really change—

  3. Actually I sell Westinghouse Solar products, I’m a consulting engineer.
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  4. Its not saying we run out in 200 years, the U.S. has a reserve that can
    last us 200 years. But we don”t tap in to that supply whatsoever. We buy
    all our oil from other nations.

  5. the computer you used to type that is a product of the western world fyi
    hahahahahaha. maybe you should blame the people who want only oil to be our
    energy and ONLY oil. there are so many other options yet the ones in
    control are making so much money off of oil that they want it to stay that
    way. same with the pharmaceutical industry, many alternatives, but there is
    so much money made they do not want to stop it.

  6. Whats the bet this owner works for the govt, he is all prepared for the
    impending doom ahead.
    I cant see any other reason to pay so much money for systems that will most
    likely not pay themselves off in the next 100 years

  7. Well done. Great video… The only changes I would make would be LED’s to
    replace CFL lights. Longer lasting and less power consumptions. The second
    change would be to add wind turbine/generator for those overcast days w/o
    sun. Usually, when there is an overcast there is wind, like in the video,
    and with turbines the batteries could be changing right through the night…

  8. maybe the people on here showing class envy need to spend more time working
    and less time on youtube then they could have a setup like that.

  9. I’ll be building my own solar set up but just enough to run a 21 cuft
    fridge, small LCD TV, charge a few gadgets and maybe run a window air unit.
    It will NOT be hooked into the grid but more like the “portable ” ones we
    see here on the tube. If I move it will be able to go with me. I’m guessing
    I can build it for around $1k.

  10. Yeah, an average person can do this, they just need to work their butt off.
    You should try it. Try saving money, I found the easy way for me to save
    money is to buy silver. Make good investments, you know? Probably the best
    way to make a lot of money today is to go into business yourself: create
    your own job, don’t wait for someone to create it for you, and work hard at
    it. I know 24 year old computer hacker who owns a pirate ship. A 60-foot
    sea-worthy ship, $3m bucks. He worked hard to get it.

  11. In this area, unfortunately its every family for itself, different places
    different people I guess. You are truly blessed for the home you have LDSP
    as well, and I was wondering if you were allll LDS? the house that you are
    showing…are they LDS? I ask this because I think or at least there are a
    few videos that talk about LDS being preppers, that its highly encouraged
    by the church….so pls don’t take offence by me asking, its genuine

  12. For supplying 10,000sq ft with electricity, for only $233 a month over the
    life of the batteries, plus selling some electricity back, maybe it’s not
    so bad? Maybe $1000/year for maintenance costs, a little over $300…and
    that’s with TODAY’s electricity costs!

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