Introduction to Latin America

Hi, My name is Daniel West, and I’m a student at the University of Texas. I’m currently student teaching in a 9th grade Geography class, and I made this movi…

Change is slowly coming to Cuba. For one remote community and on one woman’s front porch, it is just a phone call away.
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20 thoughts on “Introduction to Latin America

  1. Fantastic video!!!! Thank you SO much. I am excited to share this with my
    5th grades when we start our latin america unit soon. Do you have any other
    info on what you did with your class?

  2. Hey, you missed totally Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, and that’s 50
    million people, and quite a big chunk of the sub-continent.

  3. eres universitario y eso te ensenan primero en la guyanas se habla
    neerlandes y el nerlandes es un idoma germanico como el ingles enla
    guayanas se habla frances y pertenece a francia no a las americas segundo
    no existe relacion alguna entre la cultura maya y la cultura incaica no
    seas tan ignorante no tienen ni siquiera la misma lengua los mayas hablaban
    maya yucateco y el inca quechua y tenian diferentes costumbres y
    tradiciones y comidas por favor no mezclen a todos llamandonos latinos

  4. Cuba has the best people in the world, they care for others, I would hate
    to see the greedy US system penetrate that lovely land bc I believe that
    once that happens it will go from best to worse faster than anything we
    have ever seen

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