Green Products host Meghan Carter visits epOxy Green in Venice California to discover how to find truly green products. Get the expert tips f…
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Earl May Nursery and Garden Center Manager Corey Brabec discusses a few new organic and natural products as well as natural transplants.

13 thoughts on “Green Products

  1. wow i never seen how many green products were out there, i like how your
    voice sounds when you say reasure lol. do you own some green products

  2. I agree, I love your show. Also, going green is very important! together I
    love it. But I am sure I will next weeks even more 🙂

  3. Thanks. It’s funny I don’t even know what you’d call my career, but it’s
    been really fun traveling to all of the different locations, and the things
    I learn are fascinating. Before making the green videos, i was only
    partially into green things. But afterwards I was blown away by the options
    and importance of going green. Thanks again. You are far too kind!

  4. Thank you so much. I’m so flattered by your kind words. Please let me know
    if there is ever a topic you’d like me to cover. Again, thank you so much.
    I wish you the best! –Meghan

  5. Meg, your channel is one of the best I’ve ever seen on youtube. Thank you
    so much for the good videos. All the best! Motasem Albanna AEC General

  6. Haha… I’m so glad you liked the video. Let’s just hope that next week’s
    videos beat this one. It would be nice to be on a winning streak for awhile.

  7. thanks for the reply meghan.^^ you are kind…. hmmm I’d refer to your
    career as…”Travelling Home decorater,advisor and agent”. officially
    cool.^^ hhehehehe.^^

  8. The bamboo was gorgeous. There were also very exotic woods and clear stones
    that I fell in love with. Also, there was this clay paint that purifies the
    air. If you ever get a chance, it’s worth visiting the shop. There are so
    many beautiful products.

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