23 thoughts on “Spiderman Plays Basketball…. Amazing Spiderman 2

  1. +Bromoteknada I’m pretty sure they killed his uncle Ben and the sandman
    killed him and he didn’t even know who his uncle or peter was

  2. Because street ball and the NBA are two different things. One you need a
    really high basketball iq for and the other you need really fast handles
    for. Not saying this guy doesn’t have a high basketball iq, but it is a
    different game.

  3. street ball doesn’t transfer well into profesional play, i think rafer
    austin is one of the few to make it out from the street ball circuit to the

  4. Look at these kids shoes..yikes…Ross couldn’t donate better? That dude in
    all black thought he was the Mexican Hoop-Savior..got his ass handled in
    those runnin’ shoes. Idiots playin in damn cross training shoes. Jus put
    the soccer cleats back on and call it a day.

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