‘Blood’ The Middle East

Debut video for Townsville band The Middle East, directed by Greedy Hen ‘Recordings of The Middle East’ is out now through Spunk.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Chemical Weapon use – A false flag? SEE BELOW before rating and commenting please. Are we on the verge of a massive war of biblical proportions that was prop…

41 thoughts on “‘Blood’ The Middle East

  1. So suddenly YouTube recommends me this besides I’ve never know or view
    videos like this. But this song it’s awesome, thanks YouTube. 

  2. If letting go is profoundly beautiful, this is Art! It frames an essence of
    being human.. along with its inevitable sorrows ~ I hope you enjoy it as
    much as I do, having shared this with you :)

  3. His voice is like this flying disc of memories.Thinking the memories won’t
    come back,blinding my way through the depths of the world but when i hear
    this song. It all comes back and i don’t want to forget about it anymore.
    This song is a masterpiece 

  4. Crazy, Stupid Love brought me here. that movie was really funny but i found
    myself crying at the end thanks to this song

  5. without doubt the greatest song to ever come out of jjjs unearthed comp.
    the timing of my post should be living proof of that. unearthed is like
    idol/x factor in way. 15 min of fame in the underground. but this is a song
    i still listen to after 3 or 4 years.

  6. uploaded a mix recently to my channel, and included this masterpiece…
    consider this an invitation to go check out the full mix =)

  7. Is it possible that the harvest, which you point out around 22 min, is
    referring to Israel, and not the Bride…? Perhaps the complete destruction
    of Damascus happens at the end of the Great Tribulation? Something to

  8. Scottie, cool stuff bro…I really like your analysis on a potential
    war/peace treaty resulting from a small(relatively) nuclear exchange
    convincing the arab parties they don’t want none:))) i.e. right now they
    DON”T want peace, but they could be convinced:))haha
    #thatWasArealCoolOrigionalIdeaIneverHeardB4 #thenAgainWhereDoesTheACfitIn?
    #theACmustCAUSEthePeaceTreaty #theSpiritHeCauses2liveW

  9. I would be far more impressed with quotes from the Old/New Testament or the
    Quran if they ever mentioned anything about say China/India or Gaul.
    However its as if these people of God knew jack shit ab out anything
    outside of their small world, and borrowed and embellished stories from
    each other. 

  10. We should never forget that the Moslems have Taqqiya, the right to lie to
    us infidels. Mohammad did that at Medina: He promised the people clemency
    if they’d open their gates to his armies. They did and he slaughtered the
    population, the women were raped before they were murdered. Arafat boasted
    of that at Camp David while signing a peace treaty.

  11. 18:35 “It’s only going to get worse until this finally actually does blow
    up” Until what finally actually does blow up??????????? Can someone please
    help me understand what this individual says at about 18:35? I would
    really appreciate it.

  12. Ok you’re an American. But you are overwhelmingly concerned about Israel.
    The United States is broke mainly because of Israel controlling our
    foreign policy. More Americans continue to lose their JOBS. Have you ever
    visited the Great City of Detroit? HMMM…. It appears you have an agenda
    and you and most of your kind use the U.S. to fight illegal and injustice
    wars. In addition, i find it so insulting that you are a Jew and you don’t
    believe in Jesus as a messenger, prophet, or what the Christians believe
    “Son of GOD.” You don’t believe in the Pious and Role Model to all women,
    Mary the mother of Jesus. Yet YOU ARE THE ONE INTERPRETING THE
    BIBLE!!!!!!! Backwards, Upside down, I don’t know what’s going on but
    people will you PLEASE WAKE UP!

  13. According to Avi Lipkin or Turkey and Russia may attack Israel who will
    send a Nuclear Missle or there may be a violent Earthquake because it is a
    Volcanic Area .

  14. OH wow “the little evil brother” israel has nothing to do with the civil
    war. wait a minute, do usa has anything to do with Syrian civil war. or
    they just need any excuse to invade the country. should I remind you about
    iraq and afghanistan.? they accused 11 saudi people of doing 9/11 and
    instead of targeting saudi arabia they attacked iraq and afghanistan.

    you are still a kid in the political world. besides Israel and america are
    one. when israel was about to lose the war against the arabs, usa shipped a
    new brand package of heavy weapons (tanks, jet fighters) to israel not only
    that, but usa sent it’s generals to israel and it put all it’s technology
    in the hand of israel, so when the Egyptian army was changing his formation
    or his location USA will see it and will inform israel.. they even sent
    there most advanced spying plan there to take closer pictures of the
    battlefield and send them to israel.

    any war against israel end up to be a war against usa, therefore any war
    against syria by usa is automatically include israel.

  15. 24:30
    Mark 13:
    20 And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be
    saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the

  16. Will the Pope enter into the temple mount in April- or may of 2014.This is
    surely leading up to world war 3 or is it we will have a peace treaty
    first?It seems to me that the bible prophecy’s first there will be a peace
    treaty, what about the temple mount? Is the temple mount in Jerusalem among
    the Jews, or will the temple mount be within the child of god .we are so
    close and there is no sign of the temple’s re- building That is a question
    I personally have.

  17. But still your saying the anti christ just has to be in body not the temple
    in Jerusalem ? Well I’m unsure who he is but have some guesses


  19. Seriously ,you have No Idea about politics !!! you are just showing how
    Ignorant you are in this Video. Israel is The Main Reason why there is a
    Conflict in Syria , Syria is the ONLY Country still Standing against The
    Zionism ( Israel ) . Of course there was Iraq before that Was Destroyed
    Already, Libya also Was Destroyed Too ! and the only Strong power that is
    left in Syria and Iran ,and The Zionist Agenda is to Destroy both! Now ,
    If you are really Smart you would have realized that there is No Civil War
    in the first place in Syria! The Intruders who are killing and Fighting the
    Syrian Army are Militants who were Brought form Different countries , Brain
    washed ,paid a Lot of money by Saudi Government and Qatar, Trained in
    Turkey and smuggled through The Turkish borders to Syria to Create such a
    Mess in the country !! and so far all that was captured by the Syrian Army
    they were carrying British and american and other countries Passport !!!
    Yes !!! you heard me Right , other countries passport ! So before you Do
    another video and show people how stupid you Are ,Try and do your Research
    and Get the Facts Right !! 

  20. I had dream about syria war. I warn you! few years after that the war in
    Syria breaksout the first deadly pandemic will breakout. Tow years after
    that the first pandemic has ended after 4 years in activity the second and
    last pandemic will come. After these tow pandemic Jesus will return and
    take us to the new world. I was one of those who was rapture even if I been
    a man with sin. 

  21. Every city someday will become a pile of ruins. It’s folks like you that
    drive people away from religion.

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