BBC News Is South Korean education ‘best in world’?

BBC News  Is South Korean education 'best in world'?

New international league tables on education are expected to make disappointing reading for many British parents. The tables, which focus on the teaching of …
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With the backing of Gates and Google, Khan Academy and its free online educational videos are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to …

22 thoughts on “BBC News Is South Korean education ‘best in world’?

  1. We are in the process of setting up Khan Academy accounts for Tikanga
    students (and, later on, students throughout the school). This is a
    fantastic way to provide our students with a personalized learning
    programme in maths. To find out about the Khan Academy, check out this 60
    Minutes TV show presentation:

  2. If we don’t work with what technology offers us we will continue facing the
    same problems not only in the educational system but in the social system
    as well. This is the next step in our way of life.

  3. He hearlds the groth of education, Thank you Mr. Kahn, only writing
    surpasses your contribution.

    thank Mr. Kahn

  4. this guy is an idiot i try to get grades up and my aunt tells my dad about
    the retarded website. from the start i knew that it wouldn’t do anything.
    and what do you know it didn’t. know were wasting time with this bullcrap

  5. I’m attending paramedic class at high school in Norway. We dig deep in most
    topics within anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.
    Khan Academy has helped me a lot, because not only does he explain it
    simple and he starts at a beginners level, he also shows you why and how
    things work. Reading a text about the hearts electrical system, is barely
    enough to understand it. Me, and most of my classmates need to SEE how
    things work, to understand it. It’s also a LOT easier to remember if you
    have a visual memory of a physiological function. Thank you Khan Academy,
    for making my education a lot easier! 

  6. Here in the UK, kids has to have private tuition to succeed. You sir just
    save me a lot of money that I don’t have. Thanks ever so much…

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