Bible Prophecy and Current Events Update for week of May 15, 2012

Bible prophecy and current events update from around the world. **LINKS NOW AVAILABLE** This is for May 2012. Mass animal die off, euro issues, economic cris…
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25 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy and Current Events Update for week of May 15, 2012

  1. Since we can’t access your channel to glean any more clues as to why you
    would comment on a Christian video, I must ask why you watched this video
    and moreover, why you would inaccurately assess my being prideful as I
    merely instructed from the bible, not my own teaching but the teaching of
    the Holy Spirit as it was handed down from God to the writer of Proverbs.
    When someone who claims to be knowledgeable of the bible misinterprets it,
    I jump into action. No pride of my own, but I boast in Him.

  2. David said, “They ROD and thy staff comfort me.” Do you think he was
    comfortable with being beaten?

  3. Mmhmm. Liberal, post-modern, huh? Tell me, how can you be sure that if you
    beat your kid with a rod, he won’t die? Ever hear of Robert Champion? The
    way you interpret these verses reveals your heart. God said often, “I
    weight the heart.” “I test the reigns of the heart.” The Hebrew translated
    as “beat”: ‘to strike, lightly or severly (literally or FIGURATIVELY)’ The
    definition of “rod” includes “scepter”, the staff of the LAW, and “branch”
    All God is saying here is to teach your kid the LAW.

  4. Is that an invitation to wager? The real question is: how long before the
    net gets shut down? THEY mignt do it. Solar flares might do it. Hell,
    economic or ecological collapse might do it. But, it WILL happen. You and I
    know it. I’ve got five bucks that says it will happen by Christmas next
    year (2013).

  5. i dont think they animals dying off is the groan.. look up haarp and weird
    noises… unexplained noises have been haapening around the world that
    sound like moans or some kinda weird device.

  6. But I don’t need to show you that, you study your bible, right? I only
    showed you b/c you asked how paddling will make him learn and I posted b/c
    you show signs of liberal, post modern ideology in your thinking.

  7. I am fulfilling Dan. 12:13 right now in the 21st century. Real name
    “coincidentally” happens to be “Daniel” too! Please see my 2012 vision
    video for the truth.

  8. You should repent of your ignorance. Ask God to forgive you for being so
    stubborn in your heart. A. when you spank, you don’t use a lead pipe. B.
    you use a paint stirrer stick or wooden spoon or something light that won’t
    bruise but will sting BAD. C. If you can read all of the verses above and
    come to the conclusion that all God is saying is teach your kid the law,
    it’s no wonder you miss the teaching of the snatching away. Whatever
    hermenutic you use is not working. You are bible illiterate.

  9. The classic veiled attempt to pettily insult someone but in the name of
    religion. Pride is the worst sin which you appear to have a lot of.

  10. I DO study my Bible. Do you? Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t have swallowed
    the Great Deception known as the so-called “rapture”. The Bible is about
    2/3 history. Have you studied history? You are parroting the conventional
    dogma that your super-preachers have brainwashed you with. I’m not
    criticizing you. I was one of their proselytes, too. WAS. Then, I went to
    the LORD and asked for the Truth. He showed me it’s not what I was taught.
    He freed me from doubt with the Truth, but it’s not for wusses

  11. Prov 23:14: “Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul
    from hell (Shoel).”Prov 29:15: “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a
    child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”Prov 23:13: “Withhold
    not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he
    shall not die.”Prov 23:14: “Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt
    deliver his soul from hell.”Prov 29:15: “The rod and reproof give wisdom:
    but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”

  12. Ironically taking so much offense is very prideful. Being so convinced
    about your interpretation of something is very dangerous. Anyway I most
    totally be on the wrong page…..just keep an open mind 😉

  13. The animal die off’s are the pestilence that is spoken of as well as all of
    creation groaning and the groaning is getting worse and will suddenly get
    MUCH worse when Jesus takes out His Bride which is the church. Don’t be
    here to see how bad it will get. Get saved by turning to Jesus Christ and
    asking Him to forgive you of your sins. Tell Him you are sorry and ask Him
    to come and live within your heart and you will be saved and will be part
    of His Bride and going on the trip of an eternity!

  14. Then, why are you watching it? Your obviously intelligent responses make me
    think you are probably right.

  15. [maybe if you did] So you are convinced I don’t study my bible because I
    believe in a pre trib rapture? You don’t know me from Adam. I study my
    bible incessantly and when I was confronted with the pre/post rapture
    ordeal I examined BOTH sides and agonized in diligent study and prayer and
    found many reasons why a pretrib rapture is not only predominant in
    scripture, it is NECESSARY. I go to the Lord EVERYDAY for the truth and it
    is settled for me not b/c someone told me, I found MYSELF thru study

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