Is a Good Education in the US Only for the Wealthy?

In recent years the so-called “achievement gap” between whites and minorities in educational outcomes has shrunk. Unfortunately, what’s arisen to replace it …
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16 thoughts on “Is a Good Education in the US Only for the Wealthy?

  1. Guys does anyone know what is the number of comprehensive secondary schools
    in the US? I’m from the UK so i’m not really sure and what is the number of
    mixed secondary schools and single sex secondary schools? thanks in advance

  2. There are private schools in Finland, I don’t know where you guys get this
    notion that they are illegal in Finland, but it’s just false.
    Also I think you guys should be more critical of American teachers. Just
    read this
    I don’t think you can just disregard the quality of the teachers when
    discussing the quality of your schools. In Finland teachers are required to
    have master’s degrees to teach.

    Something else to consider is that in Finland the teachers have a lot of
    freedom in how they run their class. They get to choose the textbooks and
    make the tests themselves for example.
    Sal Khan also has some exciting ideas about the future of education.

  3. new drinking game, replay this and drink every time you hear Brendan Hamme
    say “umm”. Good points there Hamme, but you seemed a lil nervous. 

  4. Public schools need to up their game, if that means more investment, than
    I’m all for it. I went to a public school in a poor rural area and though I
    did good there, I was completely unprepared for college. I struggled my
    first two years. Fortunately my college had a program for kids that came
    from disadvantaged educations. They taught me how to critically read a
    textbook. They taught me how to take notes and how to study. By my junior
    year I was almost getting straight A’s. My wife’s family was well to do and
    she went to a private school and when she got to college, she came out
    running and did great all 4 years. My wife says I’m smarter than she is,
    but her public education prepared her for college, while mine did not and
    as a result she did much better than I did. Public education needs to be

  5. The finnish education system is actually for the large part based on the
    system of the now dead-and-gone DDR. That’s why it has been so hard for
    many western governments to adopt the finnish system :)

  6. Defunding public education and rising the cost of private education, and
    cutting taxes for big corporations is not a coincidence , I dont believe in
    coincidences In politics.The powerful need ignorant people , easy to
    manipulate , brainless sheep , willing to consume every crap they try to
    sell , and believe everything their puppets in the political power says
    they have to do and think . Idiot consumers unable to think for themselves
    and challenge those who have the real power.

  7. Finally people point it out, white people get screwed just as much as
    blacks mexicans asians ect. I get harassed by the police for no reason,
    the problem isnt being black, the problem is the police think they can get
    something out of you.

  8. School education is only one side of the equation. Parents have to do their
    part as well, whether their kids are in privat or public schools. If you
    want to make your children curious about learning, buy them building blocks
    instead of those new electronic toys, read stories to them, let them play
    outside even if it’s raining. Only give them access to a computer or a
    smartphone when their *old enough*, because all this new shit is killing
    the natrual curiousity of children. I’m seeing this happen with my nephews,
    although I’ve pointed it out more then once to my cousein, their mother,
    but she ain’t listening. Its frustrating.

  9. Tenure is actually a huge issue with the public school system. Teachers
    unions are also contributing to the problem by acting against their own
    best interests when they push to keep tenure. Watch the documentary
    “Waiting for Superman” and read “Shame of the Nation” by Jonathan Kozol if
    you want the real reasons the public education system in America is so
    horrible. A lot of the facts are shocking.

  10. Its also partially because higher education has become so devalued. You
    need a degree to even compete for shitty entry-level clerical jobs so much
    so that its no longer the case that having any degree proves that you have
    a certain level of dedication or intellect but that you have to really
    specialise if you want to get a job that can pay off your debt. Hence why
    everyone is switching over to law and economic degrees while sciences and
    arts are declining. This has a flow on effect and is why we have so few
    political scientists and international relations theorists in politics and
    instead have law and economics students running everything, who
    not-surprisingly favour the legal and economic aspects of politics rather
    than the art of statecraft.

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