Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, Weight Loss, Glycemic Index, Carbs, Psychetruth

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23 thoughts on “Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, Weight Loss, Glycemic Index, Carbs, Psychetruth

  1. Snickers is not better than a bowl of corn flakes. I completely dismissed
    everything she said after that. That simply is not true

  2. Hi I love all your videos recently I found out and have been watching all
    the time. Thank u soo much for all this information but I had a question I
    always wonder how much should sweet like cookie or cake or pretzels etc
    should one consume in a day or how often can u consume in a week or month I
    have a 3 year old daughter I always make my own cookies or cakes at home
    but how often should I make or how often should I give her or eat myself
    any information to this would be really helpful. Thanks

  3. TRULY INFORMATIVE: SUGAR is definitely a danger to the body! Imagine after
    the explosion of NON FAT diets in the 80s: society had us replace FAT with
    SUGAR substitutes!!! It is a BIG deal knowing the difference between
    GLUCOSE and the other sugars: thanks Corrina :)

  4. Great information. I was able to forward this on to some of my clients to
    give them a better understanding of what everything means. I truly think
    this should be a mandatory class in school here in the states.

  5. your videos are the best on you tube. the most informative and easiest to
    understand on nutrition. love it!

  6. When I first started watching your video I doubted I would get the answer
    I’m looking for, I was wrong. Love your video, love the information and
    your thorough walk-through. Thanks!

  7. So you mean to tell me that a baked potato is worse for me than a soda?? I
    have a hard time accepting this… You have to consider the fiber content
    of the sources of carbs bc its not just how fast your body absorbs whats
    digested but how fast its digested. Soda has no fiber.. Any sugary food low
    in fiber will result in a blood sugar spike. Youve lost credibility in my

  8. hi,i m addicted in chocolate….i know it will be gain weight but i dont
    know how much calorie contains in chocobars….its cause gain weight very
    fast? i m very fatty especially my arms…i lov ur all videos …i m 67
    kg,,,i want to be slim…i m a mother of 2 children…after delivery
    increase a lot weight…its avoid chocolate is imporatant for fat burning?
    i hope u giv me a reply …how chocolates is affect our body? i hope u
    clear my all doubts and giv a reply. thnku

  9. Hey PT. I found your channel looking for some good stuff to run on when I
    give a small dating speech in Jan. I ended up getting obsessed with your
    material. GREAT STUFF. Thank you!!! :)

  10. Once the individual intakes Carbs (Glucose). The first place it goes is the
    BRAIN! Glucose is energy and we need it to fuel the brain. GLUCOSE IS NOT

  11. Great breakdown the truth of carbohydrates and sugar. An exceptionally well
    explained video with helpful information for weight loss.

  12. I truly enjoyed your video. I just started a fitness company were I
    offering crossFit workout devices and I found the details in your video to
    be rather useful. I’m a doctor of chiropractic and I see that you are
    informed in this field. If you do not mind me asking, exactly how long of
    you been in this field?

  13. Great video. For me personally I stay off of wheat ie: bread and pasta. I’d
    rather have a snickers bar or chocolate. Bread makes me fat. And I do need
    a little chocolate sometimes lol ;)

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