12 thoughts on “Banff, Canada – 1080HD Travel Video

  1. I lived here for a year…. like the video says, “you may never want to
    leave”…. I didn’t. One day I’ll be back.´╗┐

  2. @jcdarnell182 Hi. The music is an original track we had written for our
    videos. I hope you like it! ­čÖé

  3. I have been here on a Titan holiday.Seventeen days across Canada.Montreal
    to Vancouver.I wil never forget the holiday.I loved the wide open
    spaces.Happy memories.One day i will do it again.I love Canada.

  4. Great video, had a lovely 10 days there in Oct 11, I so want to go back
    before my friend moves on from there

  5. Great video with great music. Something very optimistic and about the music
    with matches well with the spectacular views. You could put up the music on
    iTunes for people to buy. I sure would like it.

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