How to stream audio and video using a streaming server

How to stream audio and video using a streaming server

A nice basic tutorial on how to stream video or audio using two great programs. A very simple look into how it works and is easier than most people might thi…

You may have heard of “streaming video” or streaming audio and wondered what it is. A Internet tutorial by
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14 thoughts on “How to stream audio and video using a streaming server

  1. @ukkillerrishi As this video was intended for testing purposes the Wowza
    Media Server 2 download with the 10 connection limit should be fine….as
    its illegal for me to give you a serial, and the full product is worth the
    money. Also, try Red5 (google red5 media server) for a free alternative

  2. Hi, thanks for this tutorial! you are a life saver, but i can’t find the
    one for the online version, if you didn’t make it, can you please at least,
    give me a quick explanation on how to do it, that would be great! thanks
    again 🙂

  3. Hey I’m trying to use JWPlayer to play streamed h t t p from VLC player any
    tips on the code for the index file?

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