Peer to Peer Network connection Windows 7 & XP Tutorial

i dont know.

Peer to Peer Filesharing - Simply Speaking

This video will show students the dangers of P2P filesharing and legal alternatives to help them find the content that they seek.
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9 thoughts on “Peer to Peer Network connection Windows 7 & XP Tutorial

  1. @judenihal Either way if you know how to do it you can get even BETTER
    quality than with CDs because you can clean background noise out with a
    recording software….. if you were THAT nitpickey about quality that is

  2. he cud also get multichannel or “studio quality” tracks that you cant get
    on most commercial CDs. besides, background noise depends on the producer,
    not the medium.

  3. I think this video is lame because file sharing and P2P is soooooo last
    decade and today its so easy to obtain music. Even copyrighted material.

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