Free Audio Recorder: How to Record/Capture/Save/Rip Streaming Audio/Video FREE Free Audio Recorder. You can find support for freecorder here: Use this FREE streaming recorder/convert to record…
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17 thoughts on “Free Audio Recorder: How to Record/Capture/Save/Rip Streaming Audio/Video FREE

  1. What if I don’t want a youtube video tho’? And it’s installed, but I can’t
    find the video history button

  2. how do I delete this stuff off of my computer and out of my browser? I
    already tried the control panel method but no dice.

  3. I try to install it but when i click install it says “Error cannont create
    uninstall folder” what should I do. thanx.

  4. thank you!! i have spent about an hour trying to find the right program. i
    went through at least 4 other programs that didn’t work but this one
    captured every thing i want. <3

  5. Sorry it didn’t help very much but could you do me a favor and download it
    for me. And trust me Ive tried everything to download this video and all it
    downloaded was the advertizement from the beginning

  6. Yes just the audio. I use to use the youtube converter but since i upgraded
    to explorer 9 does not work, so i’m using the freecorder. Want to convert
    videos to just CD form

  7. Ive been using this for years… But now it just stopped recording the
    other sites… I thought it was my browser or computer…but I used another
    computer and it also stopped working!!!! So are you telling us that its not
    free anymore and your just allowing us to download videos only from

  8. My friend d I setup WME 9 series, but we could not publicly stream audio
    over internet, since we don’t have the OutputFile.wma.

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