Ron Paul – Bernanke Said The US Economy Is In Bad Shape! He’s Getting Out Before Collapse!

Ron Paul – Bernanke Said The US Economy Is In Bad Shape! He’s Getting Out Before Collapse!

17 thoughts on “Ron Paul – Bernanke Said The US Economy Is In Bad Shape! He’s Getting Out Before Collapse!

  1. Why doesn’t anyone ever suggest restoring our middle class by bringing back
    our manufacturing jobs? Remember “Made In the USA?”

  2. Stop watching these clowns. Mr. Paul states that a woman in America working
    two jobs can’t afford to support herself on the wages. And gives a reason
    for it. Instead of following up by asking him what he thinks should
    /could be best approach to solving such a dilemma, these clowns spend the
    last 5 minutes asking him about an election 3 years from now. When even
    after the guy you’r interviewing tells you how dumb your questions are, you
    persist along such an idiotic line, it’s almost as if by instruction they
    do not really open the door on anything enlightening in the media for the
    general public to consume. Can they really be that stupid? Ask yourselves
    does our demand really drive that garbage like they want to spin? Or are
    they just shoveling shit into our mouths, then blaming us for eating it.
    Manipulative cunts just keeping the public uninformed, unaware, and easily
    steered. Fuck mass media

  3. The thing that bothered me was the so called Woman on the show… shes
    completely nuts… it could be the woman or the man or both doing the
    homeschooling… not every one is a working slave drone you know… Some
    people actually work hard to do business so that they can have the time and
    money to homeschool thier kids. Its call choice lady… heard of it. Women
    have such a hard time in the workplace … “already” she says … “now they
    will have to home school kids”… If you value your job more than your kid,
    you simply are not fit to be a parent… Responsible people do what ever it
    takes to take care of thier children which would most likely mean home
    school… Sending your kids to public school is a terrible, terrible
    thing… It basically allows people other than you to influence your
    children… with their weird new age ideas and beliefs… Not in my house,
    Not Now, Not Ever… Thanks For Educating Us Dr. Paul

  4. Capitalism works with the rich. Educated people are getting jobs but we
    still don’t have enough lower educated work because we are growing more
    advanced and people are not willing to learn. Then we don’t have a ton of
    “hardworking kids” that will try in school, that will try in college. The
    more educated we are the more “HIGHER” paying jobs that can and will be
    created because of the ability to use our more advanced systems and

  5. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
    different results. America is in decline and going right down the toilet,
    the only person offering a different approach is Ron Paul. You watch in
    2016 morons will vote in Hillary Clinton and then wonder why nothing is

  6. The problem with America Economically and socially is there is no long-term
    thinking or plan. Everything runs on a short profit cycle and that blinds
    us to the reality of macro-economics.

  7. Ron Paul is crazy, but he’s right about most stuff. I just wish he didn’t
    come off as such a loon, he’s too easy to dismiss as a crazy old crank.

  8. Heh. I haven’t watched the whole video yet. I saw Harold Ford Jr and had to
    comment… I’m from Memphis, his old congressional district… I don’t
    really blame him for leaving town. But you guys should do a google search
    on the Ford family in Memphis. They’re a political dynasty. And they get
    away with some pretty corrupt shit. Some of it is a really entertaining
    read 🙂

  9. well at least better than letting children eating unhealthy food in the
    cafeteria and learning shit that they will never apply in reality.

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