USA could be Energy Independent Alex Jones Ignores Truth Does Alex Jones want America dependent on big oil companies and other corporations? Why isn’t Alex Jones trying to end cannabis pro…
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22 thoughts on “USA could be Energy Independent Alex Jones Ignores Truth

  1. your wrong, people care for human life and want to bring solutions to these
    problems, but the 1 percent elite are psychopaths, its hard to bring
    solutions when you gonna get shot in the head, why dont you start a radio
    show and start telling people about this…

  2. ya and why doesnt alex jones just paint a big bullseye on himself, dont be
    a douch bag, why dont you go and tell millions of people about it, and you
    will end up in a bodybag within a week, alex jones is too smart for this,

  3. i agree cannabis is harmless, and of very great value to health and well
    being, this is why it is illegal, there is too much to be lost by big
    business… alex jones doesnt sell anything crap, everything is thoroughly
    researched, he doesnt sell potassium iodide… everything he sells is the
    best of the best,

  4. Everytime i see obama i want to punch him in the face… the masses are
    asses,… there mostly ignorant with there heads in the sand… happy to
    bend over and lick boots all day… i am looking at other sources of
    energy, other than hemp, such as grass, i am gonna plant an acre of
    switchgrass, and turn it into fuel, as for health, take vitamin c, buy
    linus paulings book, how to live longer and feel better, cannabis is not
    everything, you dont need it,

  5. We are dominated by the new world order right now, we cant wave a magical
    wand and make this not so, we have to do the best we can under these
    circumstances, without getting ourselves killed in the process, be
    courageous but not stupid, try and help others, but you need to stay alive
    to do this,

  6. Why arent you focused on gun control issues, dont you want to stop gun
    control???, dont you care about this??? this is a bigger threat to america
    and to the world, than canabis prohibition, alex jones focuses his energy
    on this, and you focus your energy, stop complaining, you dont scatter your
    efforts everywhere, neither does he,

  7. Your just jealous because alex jones lives in a mansion, well if you gonna
    work 18 hours a day for 2 decades, and put your life and your families life
    in danger, and put yourself in so much danger you could be shot tomorow,
    and your followed everywhere, then maybe you can live in a mansion, but it
    wont make you happy, family, friends, laughter, ect are the things that
    matter, not a mansion,

  8. forget about hemp fuel, start looking into alternatives, in the future,
    when the nwo are defeated, we can use hemp, for now, lets use something
    else, what else can we find, comparable to hemp or almost comparable,

  9. ONLY IN AMERICA can obama tell americans he is lowering americas dependence
    on foreign oil while preventing a free market keeping the energy source
    that would make america energy independent outlawed. americans THANK obama
    for his good work WTF! doesnt anyone care or is alex jones more important
    than saving lives and ending prohibition? pathetic world, This video is
    proof of the LACK OF CO-OPERATION to end cannabis prohibition and proof
    people don’t care for human life or to fix the problems

  10. Ron Paul wrote a book called The Case for Gold with Lewis Lehrman. Lew is a
    papal knight (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) Lew was on the board of
    directors of The Project for a New American Century. Lewis Lehrman is a
    member of the CFR and The Council for National Policy. Diebold sells
    computer voting machines they had Republican conflict of interest during
    the 2 term voting Fraud of George Bush. Ron Paul Admits he is running the
    same platform George Bush used to win in 2000!

  11. Dinosaur Media is ignoring how hemp fuel would have already made america,
    and the world energy independent. Obama is telling americans he is reducing
    americas dependence on foreign oil this whole time obama has been
    preventing a free market and hemp fuel can make america energy independent
    on Clean energy and alex jones ignores this. Some people actually believe
    the propaganda there isn’t enough land for hemp fuel and there won’t be
    food…in another video I prove that is mind control lol

  12. This video is also proof elitism has infiltrated the alternative media and
    now every day people are elitist who think they are Above and better than
    other people, for example, all this elitism that people think POT isn’t an
    issue or it is not as an important issue as I make it to be, its actually
    WORSE the brainwashing is FAR WORSE than I could have EVER imagined!
    Because of all the propaganda america and the world will continue to get
    worse as alternative media complain and ignore solutions WTF

  13. you are very mistaken your cult leader ron paul admitted the military
    industrial complex controls both parties he is republican ron paul admitted
    he is running THE SAME PLATFORM GEORGE BUSH used to win in 2000, ron paul
    is using deception telling people “there is nothing to fear from globalism,
    free trade and a single worldwide currency” That is the New World Order.
    Ron Paul was inducted into the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity that is a leader
    in the fight against DRUGS=CONFLICT OF INTEREST

  14. The Cannabis Activist Movement is Hijacked and Infiltrated I am banned at
    many cannabis websites simply for trying to end prohibition by sharing
    truth about Repealing the unconstitutional laws while legalization is
    popular which is the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via
    government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation, over-control of
    plant safer than drinking water) the website grasscity has tens of
    thousands of active members. If you smoke weed or not PLEASE HELP

  15. Foster gamble promotes the idea of free energy but then says in Thrive “low
    electric or fuels bills” the whole time hemp would be even cheaper energy
    as it became more abundant! Think about the claim tesla had free wireless
    transmission of energy. if it was so free WHY DID HE NEED SO MUCH
    ELECTRICITY? If free energy is so free why is there so much disinfo and
    propaganda in Thrive, why all the lies censorship and why the fear of me
    criticizing the precious thrive movie or alex jones?

  16. The The Council for National Policy consists of powerful individuals in the
    military industrial complex (Black Water aka Xe) banking cartels,
    multi-national corporations, previous presidents/presidential candidates,
    Prime Minister of Canada, Evangelical Christian Zionists, Scientology,
    Mormons and a lot of the guests Alex Jones has on his radio “program” on a
    regular basis. Meaning that, it is behind the phony patriot movement, tea
    party, libertarians and other types of activism.

  17. are you that brainwashed? Alex Jones is TRYING TO spread propaganda and
    disinfo I have proof look at my video Alex Jones is Spreading DISINFO In my
    free documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012 I show obama shaking
    hands with Chavez I show the president of Iran doing a masonic handshake, I
    might even add a video where the president of iran CALLS FOR A NEW WORLD
    ORDER to part 4 or 5 when I get that far. I expose WW3 as a total FRAUD NWO

  18. I drink fluoride water. It’s not funny I can’t afford a fluoride filter,
    and I would much rather move out of my mothers house first except I am
    broke week after week after paying rent trying to end prohibition, I get
    nowhere! What I am I supposed to do I can’t ignore reality while things get
    worse, if you smoke weed or not you need to take an interest to end
    prohibition we need help! It took 13 years to get cooperation to end
    alcohol prohibition.Ending cannabis prohibition has been a nightmare.

  19. Great views on the free energy tech, im a fanatic building stuff myself
    soon. Ive seen him in a KKK video on youtube inciting racial hatred. : )
    lol Free energy folks Nikola Tesla.

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