Samsung GALAXY S5 First Look

Live from #UNPACKED in Barcelona, we go hands-on with the latest addition to the GALAXY series and the new wearables. Join us behind the scenes with host Fra…
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Innovation begins with understanding. See a whole new level of innovative technology with meticulous craftsmanship of LG G2 in this promo film. LG G2 breaks …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 thoughts on “Samsung GALAXY S5 First Look

  1. Who cares about the design. I use it in a leather book-cover anyway. I’m
    pleased it has the 4k video option, as a film maker I like to experiment
    with that.

  2. *Upping The Ante*
    There’s just no pleasing some people. Reading through the voluminous
    comments on Samsung’s hands-on YouTube video of their yet-to-be-released
    Galaxy S5 smartphone had me scratching my head. The number of comments
    bemoaning the same old design, or crying copycat for the inclusion of a
    fingerprint scanner is bewildering.

    There is a limit to technical advancement, and yearly iterations of
    flagship phones should be treated no differently to yearly iterations of
    cars. No one goes around complaining that this year’s Ford Mondeo looks
    similar to last year’s Ford Mondeo, or that because it now has curtain
    airbags that it must be copying some other car manufacturer. We just come
    to expect certain features as standard. Practically every phone has a
    camera, and none suffer the indignation of being called a clone for this,
    so by that reasoning practically every phone can have a fingerprint reader
    and not be a a clone.

    The fact of the matter is that the S5 manages to pack a helluva lot of tech
    into an impossibly small package. Say what you will, most of the technical
    specs (possibly irrelevantly) far exceed similarly priced rivals. It is
    only grams heavier than an iPhone 5S, but it packs more processing power,
    RAM, storage, expandability, screen size and resolution, connectivity,
    battery life, sensors, ingress resistance, and its camera is capable of
    16MP stills and 4K video recording at 30fps. It is a wonder. Sure it comes
    with a truckload of Samsung bloatware, but side-by-side with almost any
    phone, it wins the spec war hands down (the exception being the upcoming
    HTC M8 which looks to be similarly specced)

    Car manufacturers release the same car year after year with only minor
    improvements to fuel economy or power output or driver aids. Smartphone
    manufacturers – if YouTube commenters are anything to go by – must not only
    improve upon the previous generation of the same handset, they must produce
    the greatest phone the world has ever seen, styled like nothing that has
    ever come before it, or not bother at all.

  3. modern design? not really.
    everyone laugh at Sony water proofing feature and look who have it now.
    a finger print scanner? I thought a majority of people thought it was a
    stupid feature on the iphone, look like Samsung also join that train.
    Heart rate sensor? well that new, but then again it one of those feature
    where the majority of the people will ignore it.

    let look on the bright side:
    they clean up that old ugly UI
    Fast WIFI
    Beautiful screen
    Top of the line proformance

    Screen resolution, Battery life and faster processor are much MUCH more

  5. its the first time since i joined samsung ( with the SGH-D900i ) that i’m
    seriously thinking about changing..S3 to S4 was a small difference but S4
    and S5 is almost the same, i will probably buy the htc one 2 or iphone 6
    and give samsung 1-2 years to come up with fresh ideas.

  6. First the Xperia Z1 was waterproof & dust proof, had a 20.7 MP Camera and
    it wasn’t revolutionary? But with on the S5 it is? or the fingerprint
    scanner on the iP5s? It wasn’t revolutionary when it was on the iPhone but
    it is on the S5? Bullsh!t.

  7. Everytime i think lg cant do better yet they do improve.I first had the lg
    ku990 viewty, then a cookie and now the E400.But this one is stunning O.o.

  8. I hope the LG G3 comes with a premium material and a clean user interface.
    Anyway, G2 is such a great device. I own an LG Optimus G and my only
    problem with LG is the software update. Not thinking for switching to G2
    because of cheap material that make the device look easy to break. Come on
    LG. Improve whatever it takes to be the no 1 smartphone top seller. I know
    you can do it!!!

  9. I have the LG G2 and I had the galaxy S4 and I love this phone more. The
    galaxy S5 is about to be released and I don’t like it. Hello LG!!!

  10. My first LG phone was the Prada phone way before iPhone came out, this is
    my second LG phone after almost 10 years, the best phone on the market.

  11. I have this phone and trust me it is worth every penny. It is really meant
    to make your life easier. The brilliant thing is that LG manages to squeeze
    an extra ordinary amount of battery life out of this phone despite big
    processing power. There is no way I will give this up. Thanks LG.

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