1-99 Woodcutting Guide Runescape 2014 – Fastest Methods and Money Making [P2P only]

All the info you need is DOWN HERE. This guide will show you the best XP rates for Woodcutting and how to efficiently train it. C2 Woodcutting Guide: http://…
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1-99 Magic Guide Runescape 2014 - Fast and Cheap Methods [P2P Only] EOC

If you have any questions regarding the guide or how to train your Mage level, let me know in the comments and I will reply. Vyrelords Training Guide: http:/…
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31 thoughts on “1-99 Woodcutting Guide Runescape 2014 – Fastest Methods and Money Making [P2P only]

  1. You should have mentioned the Stealing Creation 150k+ bxp/hour, wich is
    tecnically best xp in game at any lvl.

    Each tool is 29340 bxp, at 5+ (20+pts ea) games an hour with a sc noncb fc
    thats easy to get.

  2. if you add rune axe in ur toolbelt at level 10, it will work as steel one,
    then at 21 mithril one etc up to rune 

  3. I got 99 Woodcutting before all these xp boosts (except from lumberjack
    armour ofcourse) Got it with yews :/ took sooo long :p

  4. If you add a dragon hatchet to your tool belt it will act as whatever level
    hatchet you can use until you can use it.

  5. you my friend….are my new favorite person…. I dispise alching… thank
    you for not just making a “how to alch to 99 guide”

  6. How about you actually maje an updated guide, and not just change the title
    from “2013” to “2014”? That’s just lazy.

  7. troll cave north of burthorpe is better at lvl 1 its more xp per kill and
    more crowded with mobs and easier kills so a no brainer >.< its like the best place for all combat skills at low level

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