10 Strange Sleeping Disorders

10 Strange Sleeping Disorders Feeling tired? Having trouble sleeping? Then maybe you’ve got one of these 10 rather strange sleeping disorders. Music = Whistl…
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25 thoughts on “10 Strange Sleeping Disorders

  1. i have the eight one. To be honest, I always hear the songs that I’ve
    played earlier whenever I wake up in the middle of the night. I kind of
    like it.

  2. Wait, does sleep paralysis feel like this: This only happens when I’m
    waking up, anyway, I wake up from my nightmare or dreamlessness or
    whatever, I usually open my eyes and look up at the ceiling, but I can’t
    move my eyes or my body, my limbs begin to feel strange but I still can’t
    move them, I figure out I’m still dreaming, I have to concentrate with all
    my efforts to move and when I do move, it is a sudden jerk that happens in
    my dream and in real life. And I end up in the same position as I was in my

    So is that what it is? Because I have that once every few days, and it is
    quite scary, I keep thinking I might slip into a coma.

    I would hear a loud boom or explosion occasionally and it will only be me
    and my brother awake and I’ll run out of my room and ask if he heard it too
    and he’ll be like “nope”

  4. Does anyone else wake yourself up by yelling in your sleep? And sometimes
    in my dream I feel like I’m eating something then I wake up myself by
    biting my hand 0.0

  5. I had #5 I would say about 20 to 30 times in my 22 year lifetime so far.
    The trick is to not panic, don’t try to move, close your eyes, and fall
    back to sleep. The real problem comes in when you start to dream while
    awake, the couple times that happened to me I had bugs on me lol.

  6. The worst feeling you get when waking up, is when whatever happens in your
    dreams you can feel it, for example if you get stab then suddenly wake up,
    you feel that stab, at the same time you can’t move, it annoying as heck
    but it happened to me only like twice.

  7. damnit body sometimes I don’t know about you…I think you’re smart but
    then you accidently shut down your organs and kill yourself while asleep

  8. I have number nine sometimes the first time it happened I woke and and my
    dad told me it was like I was that girl from exorcist lol

  9. Once I was having sleep paralysis and nightmares at the same time in the
    lightning night. That scary as hell

  10. +Penguin Person If you don’t move but think about multiple things and stay
    aware, you can become paralyzed (well not completely, I mean you can stop
    being paralyzed if you want by moving abruptly). Last night it happened to
    me but I had no hallucination or things like that… then I was bored
    because nothing happened and I moved my arm abruptly and everything was
    normal. Your case is weird lol

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