How to Transfer Photos from Your Digital Camera to Computer For Dummies

How to Transfer Photos from Your Digital Camera to Computer For Dummies

Transferring digital photos from your camera is necessary to clear your memory card. Adobe Photoshop Elements makes downloading photographs easy, or you can …

Group Photos Tutorial: How to take family pictures with your digital camera

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40 thoughts on “How to Transfer Photos from Your Digital Camera to Computer For Dummies

  1. 1:15 when i put in the ms / ms pro card into my computer, the window
    doesn’t pop up like it shows in 1:15, can someone please tell me how to fix
    this problem.

  2. heres the thing i cant use the usb cord, i have the memory stick pro (ms
    pro). i connect it to the right slot but nothing pops up, someone please
    help !

  3. I like it . !! like some people don’t know how to do this so its really
    helpfull and even if you’re 11 or 7 it nobody cares about it @fordummies
    thank you for uploading

  4. I am inserting my sd card from my fujifilm camera and it says look on your
    computer for more information on my dell printer 948. idk what to do, can
    you help?

  5. Very professional and informative. Thanks Tony.

    Tony, is Lr enough to process a good quality wedding photos? or do we need
    to export it to Ps to enhance more using the plug-ins. Thank you very
    much! ´╗┐

  6. I have watched upwards of 20 to 30 videos this week about photography, this
    is by far the best! Thank You! Please continue to make them!´╗┐

  7. I have my first family shoot (my brothers friends family) to do this coming
    May or June at the beach, consisting of the parents + 2 kids. Your advice
    will be taken into account. Thanks for a wonderful and insightful tutorial.´╗┐

  8. hay man just wanna say that you are awesome. and a very good teacher for me
    specially…and also want to become your pupil in this field. or wanna meet
    you here in dubai…´╗┐

  9. Family photos used to be stiff and boring, but those days are over,
    luckily. Tony has some excellent tips which are not too different from our
    recommendations. Thanks!´╗┐

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