Russian – Teaching through Stories (FULL SESSION)

Anchorage School District’s Michele Whaley teaches Russian language using the TPR Storytelling method. This is the full 1 hour class session. The truncated v…

Subscribe Comment Share I am comparing words and expressions between two different languages… Lookout for the next episode.

25 thoughts on “Russian – Teaching through Stories (FULL SESSION)

  1. Lol.I mean that’s some phrases in russian language which was pronounced by
    teacher don’t make a sense.Ohhh ^_^

  2. Дай пять!!! XD XAXAXAXA.
    I will teach you Russian for half of her salary.
    And it’s not grid, or grad, it’s gorod (city) You can pronounce it like
    goroT. Grad is word which is no more used in common language.
    Althrough, that was very funny.

  3. How can she teach people russian with wrong spelling and not understanding
    of russian language’s soul

  4. Watching you makes me want to do the same. You are a very engaged and
    enthusiastic teacher. Can’t wait to show this to my 7 year old who is
    passionate about learning Russian

  5. Honestly, students are way too stifled. I think they should get laid and
    smoke some weed before the class, that will enhance the learning

  6. It is a best way for learning new language. But you need know about TPRS
    methods at first. I like it. Because i use this methods for learning
    english and it work. )))

  7. Middle school level is so boring, all those congradulations for nearly
    nothing is like hearing a mom talking to her baby.

  8. the teacher is just trying to use very basic and high-frequency words (in
    Russian) in a way that can be easily understood by total beginners. Isn’t
    it that amazing? It’s not easy to attend Russian class and understand so
    much on your first day. Look at the students, they have fun and they like
    it because they don’t feel Russian is too hard. Nobody is pushing them into
    talking. If they understand, that’s fine!

  9. Хмм… Смотрел, смотрел, но так толком и не понял смысл методики. Правда
    успел просмотреть только 15 минут. Так что – извините, ежели что не так. 😉

  10. 24,48 “она сказала я не хочу пойти на концерт” это безграмотно.Правильно
    говорить “не хочу идти”.

  11. зачем повторять “ооооооууу”? обучение для дегенератов или дошкольников.
    Вроде взрослые ребята…или у них там все такие тупые?

  12. Забавно у них пары проходят, учительница на позитиве) Здорово осознавать,
    что русским кто-то интересуется) Представляю как я бы там отжег ахаха 

  13. Хорошая,позитивная учительница. Мы долго смеялись.
    P.S. всёхорошо что хорошо кончается))))))))))

  14. Dude – Ai, not oi. Oi – when something sudden happend, or you dropped
    something, or you fell (but it’s not about pain).

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