McAfee Mobile Security – Powerful Protection for Your Mobile Life

McAfee mobile solutions offer customers the confidence to safely connect, surf, shop and socialize online knowing that their data, device and privacy are saf…
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Avast has launched a free Android security called Avast Mobile Security that protects your Android phones from virus, anti-theft via which you can Control an…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “McAfee Mobile Security – Powerful Protection for Your Mobile Life

  1. Sir I’m trying to install avast anti theft in my Moto G and I selected root
    Installation in advanced installation mode,then it download a package. Also
    it asked my to allow installations from unknown sources which I did. It
    then gave me 2 options:
    1) Direct method 2)Recovery method.
    when I select direct method it says ‘permission denied’
    then I selected 2nd method it in turn displayed dialouge “please select the
    UPDATE.ZIP format to generate. EdiFy is for newer Roms,if it doesnot work,
    try to use the old Amend format instead”. Edify doesn’t provide me KITKAT
    please help me in this issue. and I created a rom for older version
    jellybean. can I install it on KITKAT? and if possible how could I root the
    packge to my mobile?
    thank you

  2. It said ‘the aplication will be downloaded and installed soon’ but when ?
    becouse i wait 5 min and nothing

  3. Use Norton Ranjeet,I am using Norton from past 5 yrs, I use it on both my
    PC and smartphone and it really rocks it’s paid but if you ask me it worths
    every penny spent on it.

  4. I e-mailed the developer of the app with a few questions.. maybe ask here
    and someone knows. I installed, I didn’t check enable the anti theft part
    or check to do the administration .. so if I delete app (doubt I will)
    everything will be off with the app since I didn’t enable and make
    administration part? Also, My text is block on phone from my cell
    provider… I use a text app.. Is there any way to set up anti theft or
    would I have to use a good friends text number maybe? Thanks to any help.

  5. @s15dec: If you only download stuff from the Android Marketplace then it’s
    pretty safe no need to install Anti-virus…… but if you download stuff
    on your phone from 3rd party then anti-virus helps… I installed this
    Avast coz of the Anti-theft features not antivirus.

  6. Geekyranjit: Thank you for your wonderfully helpful tutorials. Please keep
    up the good work. My fiance has an iPhone 4. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note
    2. If I run Avast on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 what can she run on her
    iPhone 4 so that we would be able to recover her iPhone 4 via my Samsung
    Galaxy Note 2 and vice versa? Thanks!

  7. So, in order to keep your phone protected with the anti-theft features even
    if a thief flash it or completely tries to wipe it, you need to be
    superuser and have a rooted phone? If you have a stock phone you’re not
    protected from that then? 🙁 Is that so?

  8. hey Ranjit PLEASE ANSWER, do the anti theft security work for a phone that
    has been had reset. coz thiefs will just flash or put a new rom and that
    it. so do this work still after a hard reset /flash or wipe the fone. i am
    concerned. i have lost one samsung galaxy. was using samsungdive. but the
    phone was gone without trace till i researched and found out that thieves
    can actually still and flash your phone in a couple of mins.

  9. Hi renjeet, can u tell from where did u buy your mobile cover which is
    visible in this video.. I liked it very much and also tell whats its
    price.. mine is a Galaxy sII

  10. @geekyranjit okay, does avast drain your battery? is it being used in the
    bg in sleep mode too? it looks tempting as it has many features all in one
    that too for free esp sms/call blocker, anti-theft and as you said
    anti-virus plus many others..

  11. hi sir,,i got a problem with my galaxy note 2.i install avast anti virus
    and then a try to go anti thef then i enter my password but i cant open it
    anymore…what will i do about it??? me

  12. becuz i had avg mobile security and mylookout, both could find my phone. If
    the gps is deactivated i send a txt message to activate that is that also
    possible on the avast? Is avast better then avg?

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