Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill

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15 thoughts on “Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill

  1. This is sure a poweful book but there is an err.
    The Devil told 99.9% truth and decived Napoleon Hill with 1% lie which is
    he the devil is equal to God in both power and might so therefore God’s
    ability to annihilate him is not possible. Also man is not an indipendent
    thinker nor is their a middle ground its eaither right or wrong,good or
    bad, eather God takes charge of your mind through righteousness or become a
    host of the devil through sin. And that hypnotic energy of nature can be
    broken even after it becomes a rythm and Only God can break man from it
    besides God is the that power which the devil speaks of with all wisdom and
    infinite intelligence. Hill got some truth but dont be fooled who is man
    to outwitt the devil withought God at his aid????

  2. This is The Most Powerful book please listen and download to your phones
    I’ll be making a Video review soon googlers i love u all #powerful

  3. This book is phenomenal….for the brave and for people who want to be
    free..!! Ive read Think and Grow Rich 100’s of times but this is the book
    that gives the real juice behind it…

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